Ottoman Considerations for Our Basement

Would you splurge on a large square button-tufted ottoman for your basement family room or spend the money elsewhere? 

Did you have a good weekend? I think the busyness of the holidays and client projects caught up with me, and I found myself with less energy than normal. I’m not a big fan of lazy weekends, but I guess having the occasional one doesn’t much matter.

Today I’m back at it with a trip planned into the city to check on the progress of a client’s renovation project. Then, I’ll be swinging by a few furniture and accessory stores to source items for our basement family room. Luckily our sectional sofa has been ordered and our ottoman fabric has been chosen in a couple shades darker with a textural woven pattern. Now I just need to decide on the style.

Basement Ottoman Options

Because the sectional is the same length on either side, I’m leaning towards a large square ottoman with storage for blankets, pillows and whatever else we want to tuck away (too much storage is never a problem).

Ryley Ottoman From Whittaker

The difficulty lies in finding a large square storage ottoman with some kind of detailing. I don’t want it to look like a large lump in the middle of the room, yet it needs to be comfortable and serve as a cocktail table (equipped with a tray) while entertaining.

I really like the look of button-tufting, but adding it is a substantial upgrade. I’m trying to convince myself it’s worth it.

Button-tufting is trendy right now, but I also think it’s a style that’s very classic and will stand the test of time. To me, it elevates the look of any piece of furniture.

Tell me, would you splurge on a button-tufted ottoman or spend the money somewhere else?

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  1. I’m with Nicole! I think a tufted ottoman would be such a great statement piece, and I don’t think you’ll regret it :-)

  2. I am on the search for a button tufted on as well, so worth the extra money.  Hoping I can score a great deal. Let me know if you find something fabulous here in Calgary. 

  3. There is just something about button tufting that makes me weak at the knees – even more so when it is on an ottoman! I love the dark denim one from Ballard!

  4. I love the look of a tufted ottoman and I’ve found some great ones on Overstock for less than $300! 

  5. I have a sectional and I am also in need of a button tufted ottoman.  I agree that it’s so much nicer than the big slab without tufting.  I actually think I might try and make one because I”m not finding the size I need.  It might be summer before you actually see it but it’s a plan:)

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