Freshening Up With Paint

With spring lurking around the corner (I’m at least hoping so), it’s the perfect time to freshen up your space. Looking around my house, I see a whole whack of projects I’ve been putting off through the cold winter months. So far this year I’ve been focused on purging and organizing our home, but I have paint, fabric, new hardware, and more stock-piled in the basement just waiting to come out. It’s taken a lot of willpower to leave it alone, but I promised myself I’d finish one project before I moved on to the next. Basically I have one closet and our laundry room to organize before the freshening process gets underway.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve asked Barbara from Hodgepodge to share some of the ways she likes to freshen up her space. Barbara has done a fantastic job of decorating her home without breaking the bank. She has a knack for reinventing tired-looking furniture and accessories, and I’m excited for you to see the transformations!

Barbara Hodgepodge

So happy to be visiting here at Shauna’s blog! I feel silly contributing to her blog as I think she has it all covered in the organizational and freshening up department!  While I am not an ultra-ogranized individual, I do love freshening things up. As an avid DIYer and lover of paint, I love to freshen things up with paint! When I get tired of a piece of furniture or when I stumble across something that could use some freshening up, out comes some spray paint or a can of paint, and when I feel a bit adventurous, some rub’n”buff!

Here are a few things that were transformed by paint and/or simply adding some new hardware to freshen things up.

Hodgepodge Dresser Before

Light Blue Painted Dresser with Brass Hardware

Hodgepodge Espresso Stained Dresser Before

Orange Painted Dresser With Gold Hardware

Hodgepodge Tray Before

DIY Orange Painted Tray With Gold Detailing

Black Mirror With Gold Gilding

Chair Makeover with Paint - Red Painted Chair With Gold Dipped Legs

White Painted Nightstand

Nightsand Makeover - White Painted Nightstand

Hope you won’t overlook a piece of furniture because it has the wrong colour or hardware. Just whip out a can of paint or visit the hardware store for a bit of bling for the drawers. Sometimes it is the little details that make all the difference.

Thanks for having me here Shauna!

Don’t you just love these transformations using paint. My favorite is the soft blue dresser- so chic! Take Barbara’s advice and consider painting out an old piece of furniture to give it a fresh new look.

Finished up any paint projects recently? You can check out more furniture and decor painting ideas here.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love to paint too, (or have my hubby paint the walls…umm, happy Valentina’s day here’s your paint?)
    But purging always goes a long way to make a space feel fresh too! 

  2. I always enjoy Barbara’s makeovers, and can especially relate to not wanting to break the bank! These are great examples of putting some zip into zapped, and my favorite is her red buffet. I’m so excited to see what she does to her games room in the 6 week one room makeover challenge!

  3. I always love Barbara’s makeovers and i love interior designing of my home that’s why my favorite hobby is to transformed any old piece with great stylish and good looking paint. Sometime my baby always break my old vintage pieces then i do paint to my vintage pieces to give new look.

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