Back From Our Family Vacation

Hello everyone! I’m a bit sad our family vacation in Mexico came to an end, but I’m happy to reconnect with all of you. It’s probably a good thing it was only one week because I was getting a little too comfortable with everything being done for me. I wouldn’t want to turn into a diva!

We’ve been to all-inclusive resorts before, but this one definitely had the best food, the sweetest staff and most gorgeous rooms. I could’ve easily stayed for another week, but school, work and other responsibilities made sure that didn’t happen- sigh…

Mayan Riviera

I was hoping to share some photos I took on our trip, but somehow they all got erased from the memory card. Thank goodness my son snapped some with his iPhone, but it’s still such a disappointment since there aren’t very many of him.

Family Vacation at Dreams Riviera Cancun

We stayed at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa. We also visited Playa del Carmen and Xel-Ha. I’d have to say it was my best experience in Mexico to date.

With our son graduating from high school this year, it could be the last winter vacation we take as a family for a while. We made sure to soak it all in. (For those of you with young kids, don’t ever take your time with them for granted. It goes by waaay to fast!)

Cancun Family Vacation

This week I’m attempting to get through the final loads of laundry. Isn’t that the worst part about returning from a holiday?!

My husband is in Turkey for work, which means I won’t feel guilty about immersing myself in client projects, blog posts, and some of my own home projects I really want to wrap up. Top of the list will be sourcing a new oven since ours packed it in right before we left. I’m leaning towards gas. Any thoughts?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I’m bummed for you that the memory card was erased!!!   Thank goodness for iphones.  I love heading south for all inclusive getaways, so I’m kind of jealous right now.   Hopefully u r back feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Sounds like you are….

  2. It looks beautiful! I may have to check it out since Cancun is so insanely cheap for us since we’re not that far away. I always forget about it when we’re planning our vacations. This is the time of year I start getting antsy for the beach. Our oven bit the dust recently, too. I do love the convection oven in the new one!

  3. That is so sad about your memory card, but Hayden did take some beautiful pictures. He has your talent for seeing and capturing the beauty around him. Too bad he didn’t take more. I’m glad you had a great holiday. As for your question about ovens, I have a dual fuel, so it is gas burners and electric oven. I love the gas burners. Everyone told me that the electric oven has a more even heat so thats why I went with that. Lindsay has a gas stove top and loves it too. Mine is Jenn Air, only because that was the only one that would fit in the opening. Hope this is helpful.
    <3 Heather

    1. Thank you! Hayden did take quite a few more, but all the pics I took of them in the water are lost. It’s so frustrating! Thanks for the heads up on the stove. Kerri had gas burners with electric stove and she loved it. I think that’s the way I’ll go.

  4. Oh Shauna, I’m so sorry to hear about your memory card :-( Thank goodness for your son’s photos… no matter in the end, the memories can never be erased that you share together from this moment in time. Welcome back!

  5. I have a gas stove & oven. I love it and would disagree with the electric heat being more even -but maybe I just had a really crappy electric one?! 
    Glad you have some photos that were saved! Guess you’ll have to go back soon to take more:)

  6. What a shame you lost all your pictures! At least you have a few from you son. Looks like a beautiful setting and sounds like a fantastic resort. Glad you had a great time.
    Debbie :)

  7. Wow I can’t believe you have a son graduating from high school! You look too young! 
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’ll have to keep that hotel/location in mind for a future vacay. 

  8. My family and I were thrilled to have my parents up for a vacation from North Carolina. Whenever they are visiting we always go and experience the best the country has to offer. On their next visit though I have decided to take them to Mexico. Your blog has greatly influenced my decision.

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