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Flower Nostalgia + A New Collection

Sharing the start of my thrifted green glass bottle collection, plus sentiments for growing my own peony flowers.

One of the best parts of gardening is being able to cut flowers to bring inside. Growing up, my grandma had the most beautiful peonies and I remember the large green glass vase she’d put them in to grace her dining table. Perhaps it’s those nostalgic feelings that draw me to peonies so much. Who can resist that sweet aroma and lovely gigantic blooms?

Pink Peonies in Aqua Glass Vase

Growing Peonies

Last summer, I was at a garden centre and I came across a few different varieties of peonies. My grandma always had fuchsia and the classic pale pink, but I was intrigued by the white and red peonies before my eyes. I decided to purchase a couple and see how they’d do in our yard.

After planting the peonies in one of my flower beds, I noticed the stem and leaves were growing over the summer, but there weren’t any buds and they didn’t bloom. Disappointing! While my mom was visiting last summer, she said they probably wouldn’t bloom in the first year, but I would probably see something the next year. Her flower garden is amazing!

Luckily, the plants survived the winter and my fingers are crossed that I will see gorgeous peony flowers this summer. I do see a tiny bud forming on one of the plants and I hope it turns into something spectacular!

Peony Buds Just Starting to Emerge

If not, I know my lilies, lupins, lavender and other plants won’t fail. They are always my steady eddies!

Orange Lily

Green Glass Bottle Collection

After starting my Flowers and Such board on Pinterest, I noticed I was pinning a lot of blooms in glass bottles.

While visiting a thrift shop recently, I came across a collection of green glass bottles and knew they had to make their way home with me at a cost of only $4 for the bunch.

Green Glass Bottle Collection

I can’t wait to use them as vases for the flowers I cut from my garden. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more!

Tell me, what are your favourite flowers to grow? Do you have any that conjure up happy memories? How do you like to display your own blooms?

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  1. Peonies are so romantic and one of my favorite blooms.
    Growing up in South Florida, orchids abound at Fairchild Tropical Gardens – one of my
    favorite places to visit with my grandmother.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you Shauna that your peonies bloom!

  2. Peonies are my favorite, too, and for similar nostalgic memories. We had a beautiful deep wine coloured one in our front garden when I was growing up, and I remember the same coloured one in the garden where I went to Sunday School. To this day this is the colour I love most in peonies, and whenever I see one I am instantly transported back for a few moments…

  3. Peonies seem to evoke memories for so many people… they  certainly do for me! I love your new bottle collection… they are beautiful with or without blooms!

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