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Basement Paint Colors

Ready to check out the neutral basement paint colors we selected to create a warm and welcoming family room?

Our basement renovation is moving right along, and I’m feeling a bit of pressure to make some of the decorating decisions. Paint colors are definitely at the forefront.

Up until this point, I’ve had a general idea of how I want the final area to look and feel, but I’ve been slow at nailing down specific choices. Today, the trim work is being finished and the next step will be painting. Time to make my final paint color selections, wouldn’t you say?!

Drywall Stage of Basement Renovation - Selecting Paint Colors for a Bright and Welcoming Basement Family Room - Basement Paint Ideas

Basement Paint Color Selections

Normally, I go to my Benjamin Moore deck for colors, but I decided to give Sarah Richardson’s Collection from Para Paints a try for a bit of a change. I like how the large paint swatches are making it so much easier to compare colors. I can truly get a sense of how the actual colour will look and feel on the walls.

Of course, I followed my own advice when it came to selecting the perfect paint colors.

Sarah Richardson Paint Colors for Para

Basement Wall Colors

For the main walls, I was looking for something in a lighter neutral (there’s only one small window) with a bit of a grey undertone. Cashmere (SR-13) seemed to be the color that read a bit grey but still maintained a bit of warmth.

Cashmere SR-13 from Para Paints - Sarah Richardson Paint Collection - Basement Paint Colors

Paint Tip: Looking for a similar color from Benjamin Moore? Try Classic Gray OC-23.

For the TV wall, I decided to go with a deep grey colour. My hope is that it will blend better with the TV and speakers so they are less of a focal point in the room. I also prefer watching TV screens in front of a dark background colour. You?

Thunderstorm (SR-72)  is a grey that changes depending on the light, from grey to green to blue. I think it’s the perfect complement to the grey quartz countertop we’re planning on installing in the snack bar area, as well as some of the accents and artwork we plan on adding to the room.

Sarah Richardson Paint Collection - Thunderstorm SR-72 by Para Paints - Basement Family Room Paint Colors

Basement Trim, Doors and Ceiling Color

For the shaker style trim, doors and ceiling, I chose Snowfall (SR-29). I like the warmth it has without being too yellow.

Snowfall SR-29 Sarah Richardson Collection for Para Paints - Basement Trim and Ceiling Color

Of course, the ceiling will be in a flat finish, whereas the trim will be sprayed in semi-gloss.

Paint Tip: Looking for a similar color from Benjamin Moore? Try White Dove OC-17.

Snack Bar Cabinet Color

Finally, the snack bar cabinets we hacked using IKEA boxes and custom maple doors are going to be sprayed in Shoreline (SR-43), a soft grey derived from the color of stone. I went back and forth on this decision between grey and white, but after seeing these light grey cabinets on Pinterest, I was able to make my decision. I think a darker color will be better for wear and tear as well.

Shoreline SR-43 Sarah Richardson Collection for Para Paints - Basement Snack Bar Cabinets Paint Color

I’m crossing my fingers these basement paint colors work well together. There’s really only one way to find out, so I’m taking the leap of faith. I’ll let you know how it goes in a follow up post!

Basement Paint Colors for Walls, Trim, Ceiling and Cabinets

Basement Paint Color Breakdown

  • Walls – Para Cashmere (SR-13) | Para Thunderstorm (SR-72)
  • Ceiling, Trim and Doors- Para Snowfall (SR-29)
  • Cabinets- Para Shoreline (SR-43)

Have you tried the Sarah Richardson Paint Colors yet? I’d love to know which ones you adore.

Paint Color Updates:

Although Sarah Richardson no longer has a collection with Para, these colors can still be mixed. Ask where they sell Para paints.

As well, if you’re looking for basement paint color ideas, see how these paint colors look on our basement walls and cabinets.

Basement Renovation Progress with Family Room Paint Colors

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Enjoy your day,

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  1. I love her color selection… just can’t find it anywhere here in nor cal!  The color you have chosen are awesome as always!  Can’t wait to see the finished results!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! Let me know what colors you are interested in and I’ll send you the swatches. Then you should be able to get them color matched. 

  2. I’m loving the colour palette! It’s really pretty, and I can’t wait to see it in action! Good for you for going with grey cabinets – dying to see those, too!

  3. Haven’t tried her new line but now I’m curious! I love anything grey so these colors have my name written all over them :)

  4. Shauna, Love, love, love the new colors by Sarah Richardson!!! We are building a new house and want to use the Shoreline and Herringbone colors she used in her kitchen episode but can not find ANY way to get swatches. Do you have access to them you could send along? Would most appreciate!!

      1. I did. Looks great! Our kitchen will be similar and has 1 x 8 walls and baseboards with the random width marble backsplash so we thought it would be perfect with these colors. Thanks for such a quick reply!!!

  5. Can you please give me the paint colors from your basement remodel so we can paint match. It looks great! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Emily, Each colour is listed by the corresponding picture. The Sarah Richardson collection is no longer available through Para, but they should still be able to mix each one if you ask at your local store. Good luck :)

  6. Hello Shauna, I love your color schemes. especially the greys. Getting ready to paint my basement bedroom with these colors. I have a large 2 sliding doors closet with trim and not sure which of these colors to use. I plan on Snowfall for ceiling and trim, Shoreline for walls and Thunderstorm to accent a wall. I am not planning on a fourth color. Thanks for the help, Andrea

  7. I’m looking for these colours and they are no longer findable via the Sarah Richardson code. Do you have the Para paint codes for these colours? Would greatly appreciate. I love the look you created.

  8. Hi Shauna, I absolutely LOVE the color choices you’ve made for your basement. It looks amazing and I want to use these same colors. Unfortunately, we don’t have a para paints around my area so I’m wondering if you know an alternative to the Thunderstorm (SR-72) that I can get at my Benjamin Moore store? I’ve already tried to see if they can look up by the name but unfortunately they’re not able to. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Cathy, Thank you for your kind comments. I’m still very happy with the colours! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an exact match to Thunderstorm. The closest is Benjamin Moore Whale Gray (2134-50). Thunderstorm is not quite as dark with a bit more green in its undertone. Perhaps you can test Whale Gray out, as well as similar shades, to find a colour that works perfectly for you. Good luck :)

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