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Take Pause This Christmas Season

A reminder to take pause and fully embrace the wonders and givings of Christmas…

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Can you believe it’s almost here?

This week, I’ve been shopping and wrapping gifts like crazy. After having the flu last Christmas, I wanted to finish up early in order to stay away from germy places like the mall from here on out.

Something else I decided after missing out on Christmas last year was to slow down and take moments of pause throughout December. Sometimes I get too focused on the tasks at hand and miss out on the simple pleasures of the season.

Yes, it can be difficult. Guilt can set in. You may feel like you’re letting your family down if you don’t bake a bunch of cookies or decorate the entire house. Or, you could possibly open your mailbox and find a bunch of cards when you haven’t even started yours.

To me, all of those things are simply icing on the Christmas cake. They aren’t the true essence of the season.

Perhaps it’s having a son away at college that’s given me a different perspective. The gratitude I have for the people and experiences in my life has grown tremendously over the past few years.

Take Pause

Taking an afternoon off to be with a friend who’s going through a difficult time is much more important than making yet another ornament for our tree. Yes, I do enjoy sharing those types of projects with you, but more isn’t always better.

Perhaps driving to the coffee shop would save me time. And then while I’m out I could stop by Michaels and pick up that ribbon I need want for the tree. Or, maybe, I could walk instead and get some fresh air and enjoy the decorations throughout our neighbourhood.

I realize deadlines, commitments and responsibilities are all part of life. I’m not saying to recklessly abandon…

Sometimes, it’s just remembering to slow down, breathe and enjoy. That’s when the true magic happens.

Take Pause This Christmas Season

Next week, I’ll be sharing more Christmas projects with you. Decorating, wrapping, baking… these are all activities I enjoy. I encourage you to do what feels right for you.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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