Spring Trendspotting: Florals

Although we had a very mild winter this year, spring is definitely taking its time to arrive where I live. Last week it snowed almost every night and today we’re supposed to get even more, combined with heavy winds- oh joy! I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s all becoming too much!

Over the weekend I was thinking about what I love about spring and why I want it hurry up and get here so much (besides the warm weather). My son and I went to the movie 21 Jump Street and, on the way home, we started talking about my high school days (if you haven’t seen the movie, basically it’s about 2 cops who go undercover as high school students). Our conversation somehow turned to fashion and I remembered how much I loved shopping for spring clothes.

One particular outfit I wore to a school dance flashed in my mind. It was a pink, yellow and green floral oversized shirt paired with pink leggings and a large bauble necklace. Do you remember this style? Although I don’t have any photos (thank goodness), from what I recall it was very similar to the spring floral trend we’re seeing this year.

Floral Trend - Gabrielle Teare{via Gabrielle Teare}

Although I still love fashion, my focus is taking what’s on trend and applying it to interiors. Floral isn’t for everyone, but it can be represented in a variety of doses to inject color and pattern to any space.

Here are some ideas for incorporating the floral trend into your home:

(note: some links are affiliates)

Floral Pillow - Stitched Nestings{via Stitched Nestings}

Floral Watercolor Plates via House to Home{via House to Home}

Orlina Floral Bedding- Anthropologie{via Anthropologie}

Think about using wallpaper too. This yellow living room spotted on Better Homes & Gardens is so pretty!

Do you like decorating with florals? Will you be adding any to your space this spring or will you be leaving this trend behind?

Please send warm weather my way!


    1. Hey Tiffany,
      Did you check out Stitched Nestings? She has a beautiful selection of fabrics (although I know you sew most of your pillows yourself). I love that bold floral print and I think it would be a good complement to your dragon fabric too.
      Enjoy your day!

  1. Ha that’s so funny that Tiffany mentioned a dragon. As soon as I saw that lovely pillow I pictured a dragon in my head. I love it and those plates are pretty and colorful :)

  2. I’m not always a huge floral fan (except fresh flowers of course) but there are some really nice modern patterns out there now that are changing my mind. I love that Stitched Nestings pillow. Thanks!

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