One Room, Two Looks

Check out these bonus room mood boards I put together using two different accent colours, red and turquoise. One room, two looks!

Following the completion of a sunroom E-Design for one of my clients, I was asked to create a plan for the bonus room as well. Similar to many scenarios I see time and time again, Patty had purchased new furniture pieces and a few decorative accessories, but she didn’t feel like the room was coming together. In her words, it was  “kind of blah.” The main purpose of the bonus room was a place for Patty’s teenage daughter and her friends to hang out in. It also served as an occasional sleeping spot for her family when they visited. She wanted this space to have a more contemporary and fun vibe than the rest of the home, but still be classy and comfortable enough for everyone to enjoy.

After receiving photos, samples (paint swatches, carpet, furniture fabric, etc.), as well as written information about the room, I realized that Patty needed elements that would tie the room’s finishes, her furniture selections and accent pieces together. Although the furnishings were fantastic stand alone pieces, the overall look of the room was disjointed. In addition, some of Patty’s original purchases included red accessories, but she was open to any colour suggestions.

What I decided to do was create one general plan along with two different colour scenarios. I started using Olioboard as a tool for putting mood boards together and it made completing this task much easier. (I’m quite new to Olioboard and I’m definitely in the learning phase. However, after only trying it for a short while, I’m hooked and will be using it moving forward.)

The first scheme I put together incorporated the red décor items Patty had previously purchased and the second option included turquoise.

Bonus Room with Red Decor

One Room, Two Looks- Bonus Room Mood Board with Red Accents

Bonus Room with Turquoise Decor

One Room, Two Looks- Bonus Room Mood Board with Turquoise Decor

The Design Details

As you can see, I kept the main pieces in the room the same and merely swapped out the accessories. Within the plan, I  included additional room suggestions, such as panel moulding, furniture placement, drapery details and more that aren’t shown here. Patty loved the ideas and I’ll be finding out which colour scheme she has decided to go with when we do a follow up call this week.

Now it’s your turn! Which colour scenario for a bonus room would you select? Do you love the vibrant red or the cool turquoise? I’d love to know!

Enjoy your day,

Shauna Oberg - Satori Design for Living

Note: Client’s details (such as budget breakdown, profile, etc.) have been excluded for confidentiality reasons. This plan is a snapshot of one of our E-Design Kits and does not showcase all components in order to respect the fees associated with our services. All designs and images are property of Satori Design for Living. 


    1. The turquoise is definitely my pick as well. I think that color scheme is more current for a teenage girl, yet sophisticated enough for adults too. Thanks for popping by!

  1. Love the turquoise!  So beautiful and modern…perfect for a modern teenager!

  2. I agree the second one is my favorite. Where did you find that rug? Love it!

  3. My vote is for the turquoise design. The colors are so warm and inviting.

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