Lauren Lane Decor {Q & A}

Let’s get to know more about Lauren Lane Decor, furniture refinishing, and Annie Sloan Chalk paint!

Several months ago I was looking for a painted sideboard for one of my clients and came across an amazing website called Lauren Lane Decor. I was immediately drawn to their unique furniture pieces, and knew I had to find out more.

How lucky was I to find out that they were opening a studio only a short drive away in Calgary!

Sideboard Painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Tara Jamieson of Lauren Lane Decor

Tara Jamieson, the studio founder, and I have since become friends. I thought it would be fun to do a Q & A. Let’s get started!

What is Lauren Lane Décor?

Lauren Lane Decor is my studio in Calgary that offers custom furniture refinishing, an array of refinishing classes and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It’s also the love of my life!

How did you decide on the name for your business?

I get asked this all the time! Lauren is my middle name and Lane is my grandmother’s!

Can you tell us about your journey?

My journey has been short. In the past year I have gone from spending all my time in the garage to opening a studio and now presenting at the Calgary Home Show. They say if you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work! So I did and I have no regrets about leaving the accounting world.

What characteristics do you look for when sourcing furniture pieces?

Good lines, sturdy and pretty details! Everything looks better with a coat of paint!

Refinished Dresser with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

What kind of paint do you work with and why do you use it?

I still use latex and stains for certain pieces but also use alot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I use latex for the benefit of custom colors and Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint for the ease!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Blue Display Cabinet

What colours do you and/or your clients like the most?

I am not partial to any colour in particular- really! When using Annie Sloan’s paint, Paris Grey, Old White, and Duck Egg blue are popular choices!

Is the chalk paint available for purchase?

Absolutely! I retail all of Annie Sloan’s products and also my own line of paint brushes and accessories that will help the DIY-ers complete a project on their own!

What advice do you have for someone wanting to refinish a piece of furniture?

Start small and invest in the proper products and tools! When you use quality tools and products, you achieve quality results.

What do you find the most challenging about having your own business?

Balance! Because it’s what I love to do – I could paint and work 18 hours a day! It’s hard for me to put the paint brush down and take time out for myself!

What do you love most?

My work is rewarding in so many ways! I love reinventing furniture and showing people that you can take something from drab to fab!

Anything else you think we may find interesting?

Look for Lauren Lane Decor’s booth at the Calgary and Edmonton Home & Garden Show and check out my 2 daily presentations on the main stage!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Being Used for Furniture Refinishing Class

So inspiring, right?! Planning any furniture refinishing projects of your own? I hope you’ve found this interesting and helpful! Be sure to check out these Annie Sloan Chalk Paint favourites!

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Enjoy your day,

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  1. I love this website. Her style, colors, website everything really appeals to my taste. I just recently read about the paint that she carries and I am interested in giving it a try. I am definitely going to look into one of her classes! Thanks Shauna for introducing me to Lauren Lane

  2. My favorite is duck egg blue! I have taken the first class and once I have my baby (and get back some energy) I have a few projects waiting for me. I would love to win this to take her advanced class to get me started on those projects. 

  3. I have liked the facebook page and shared this link!!! Thanks Shauna for sharing Lauren Lane previously as that is how I found out about the first course I took! 

    1. Glad to hear you took one of the courses already. I’m sure you loved Tara. I’d love to share any of your refinishing projects with my readers! Wishing you all the best in your last weeks of pregnancy and a healthy baby!

  4. I love the color Emile and it would look fantastic when I start to make my little girls room into her big girl room. I need to start looking for some furniture pieces.

  5. What’s not to love about all of the colors?!?! They are all beautiful, if I were to choose I think it would have to be Paloma! I love the idea of repurposing old furniture and need to make a trip into Lauren Lane’s studio!!

    1. I agree with you Karen. There really isn’t a bad color in the bunch! I have found a few pieces at the second hand store in Okotoks that will look beautiful once they get a coat of paint on them. I have to run into Tara’s studio soon!

  6. I love duck egg blue and country grey. This site is amazing! I have an old china cabinet/hutch that I will be refinishing this summer; so glad I came across this site (through Angela Price-Thanks!) before I tackled the project!

  7. I have met Tara and she is just as fab in person. I have tried out a few colors of ASCP but my fave might be Provence (for now). Great giveaway! Would love to take a class!

  8. Provence is my fav colour… Im just waiting on the perfect dresser to come my way to redue.

  9. I would love to take one of your courses, thanks for your assistance via email too Tara! I will try the annie sloan paint soon

  10. My current fav is old white. You can add it to any of the Annie Sloan colors… I have three pieces ready to be refinished so I could put this to use in a hurry!

  11. I love “French Linen”,Perfect for an old dresser I have awaiting to be transformed!. My fingers are crossed!!

  12. Hi Shauna,
    I found you through the Lauren Lane blog.  I have taken her first class, but would love to take another. 
    My favorite colors are the paris grey and the pure white.  I also like the Duck Egg Blue.

      1. I had first started on blogger but my blog is now WordPress. My new blog address is
        Www Not much there yet I hope to do some posts about DIY projects I have done

  13. I have a bedroom set I would love to paint graphite! Just clicked “Like” on Facebook. Would love to win! :-)

  14. I just thought of another old desk I have that would look great painted “Emile”. Crossing my fingers and toes to be a winner.

  15. Her shop is totally brilliant…I agree, everything looks better with a coat of paint! (c: I’m not gonna lie that I’m pretty envious of her new career, that would be such a blast! And she’s adorable to boot! Girl crush.

  16. Tara at Lauren Lane Decor is amazing. She has painted a few pieces for me, including the server shown at the top of your page. I’ve also taken her classes and highly recommend them. She gives great instructions, has an excellent knowledge of the furniture painting do’s and don’ts, and has amazing patience!!

  17. Olive is my favorite paint color. Id love to paint some of my furniture, just like it is demonstrated above!

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