Decorated with Gold Yet?

Has gold made its way into your home decor or have you just begun to consider it? See ways you can start small or go big with this metallic.

Are you old enough to remember the style of the 80’s? I’ve heard that if fashion is going to repeat itself, it’s usually follows a 30 year cycle. If we apply this rule, then it makes sense why gold is the metallic that’s showing up everywhere.

Gold Accessories

Although I’ve embraced gold’s comeback in fashion for the past couple of years in my jewelry and accessory choices, I’ve been a little more cautious when it comes to decorating my home. I guess I can say I’ve admired it from afar.

Large Green Stone and Gold Cocktail Ring - Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

Gold Home Decor

Things began to change for me in late winter when my blogger friend, Amanda, added accents to her daughter’s room. I was really drawn to the look of her gold spray painted drapery rod.

Then I noticed the impact Nester’s gold leaf project had on simple white plates in her dining room.

DIY Gold Leaf Plates - Nesting Place

Nesting Place

Now I find myself thinking about ways I can inject this warm metallic into our home. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at gold leafing a few frames or a mirror.

Or maybe I’ll reserve gold for holiday decorating instead.

What I do know for sure is that although gold is on my radar, I’ll only be using it in small doses.

Have you fallen in love or more “in like” with gold? Has this metallic already made its way into your home or are you just considering how to incorporate it like me? Or perhaps you’re waiting for this train to pass by?

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Enjoy this lovely fall day! 

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  1. I have the same back and forth thoughts about gold, but I’m starting to embrace it a little more. I do decorate with gold for the Holidays, and love the warmth it brings to the festive feel! It’s so hard to know where the line is…

  2. Oh once you get a taste for gold you wont go back!! I was *just* in my dining room painting some lamp finials with gold paint-the kind they use on hobby cars- it looks amazing-its stinky but it goes on well. And LOVE LOVE that last pic with the Christmas tree

  3. Shauna, I’m at the exact pace as you…loving it…first through fashion now through decor. But not running with it yet! I had the exact same thought. Perfect introduction around Christmas. Thanks for the fun post with great inspiration! XO, Aimee

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