Blue and White Bedding {Friday’s Fab Find}

Comparing splurge and save options for blue and white bedding with a similar look. Which would you choose?

Big plans for the weekend? I’m breaking out the golf clubs for the first time this year, plus hopefully finishing off the planting and other outdoor projects I started before all of the rain. I’m one for green and lush, but this is getting ridiculous. It’s definitely time for sunshine!

Yesterday I was out sourcing for two client projects I’m currently working on and came across some beautiful blue and white bedding. As you know, blue and white decorating is one of my favourite palettes, especially for summer spaces.

Serena and Lily Bedding

I’ve had my eye on a few bedding pieces from Serena and Lily for a while now, but didn’t exactly love the price tag with decorative pillows starting around $88 and $210 for sheets.

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Serena and Lily Blue and White Bedding - Bedroom Decor

Sears Bedding

Fortunately, I decided to take a walk through Sears and spotted their Eastern Philosophy blue and white bedding for much less, starting at around $30 for decorative pillows and $100 for sheets.

Sears Eastern Philosophy Blue and White Bedding

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that quality and feel from one set of sheets to another varies greatly. Both of these sets are 300 thread count cotton sateen, but construction and quality of cotton fibers is a definite determining factor. That being said, for everyday use I’d likely splurge on the Serena and Lily sheets, but for the cottage or a guest bedroom, the Eastern Philosophy line may be a good option.

When it comes to bedding, do you tend to splurge or go for the less expensive options? Be sure to check out these bed styling tips.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. If the bedding is for me I would splurge, there is nothing I like better than to crawl into bed when the sheets are nice and soft and beyond comfortable. I hate having any sort of rough material against my face, so a splurge on pillow cases is a definite must. I would however take the less expensive option of decorative pillows.

  2. Hello Shauna! I really liked the photos in the second set there, all of them and I have a few splurge sheets and some not-so-much I’ll admit. I should get some new sheets, thanks!

  3. Sheets are so worth the splurge! My 9 year old has been curled up in my bed all morning watching netflix. When I walked in he said “Your bed is sooooo cozy Mom!” Guess it’s time to get him some spurge sheets as well, Maybe he will sleep in then.

  4. Sears, really? I’ll have to check out their Eastern Philosophy line!
    Even though I can of course see and feel the difference, I have to admit, it’s tough for me to splurge on high quality sheets for myself!

  5. OOohh, thanks for this post! I’ve been wanting some pricey blue and white bedding for a while but the Sears line looks nice and probably MUCH cheaper! Great blog. I’m going to put as a fave!

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