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Ways to Use Mirrors in an Outdoor Space

Ever thought of using mirrors in an outdoor space? Check out these clever ideas that add interest, ambiance and character to outdoor rooms and gardens.

Although the weather isn’t looking the nicest over the next few days, it hasn’t stopped me from thinking about the changes I want to make to our outdoor space this spring and summer. As soon the temperatures start to rise and the sun shines a little longer in the day, I find any excuse I can to get outside.

After completing our deck revamp a couple years ago, it created an outdoor room that we are able to use much more than we previously had been able to. Since then, I’ve been pondering what else I can do to make our back yard feel more livable. One thing that seems to keep grabbing my attention is the clever use of mirrors in an outdoor setting.

Using Mirrors Outdoors

This front porch is absolutely charming with its mirror hanging over the lattice. I love how the foliage from the climbing hydrangea is partly covering it. I bet it’s even more beautiful in bloom!

Summer Front Porch Decorated with Mirror

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One of my favourite looks for outdoor mirrors is placing them next to a dining area. I love how they reflect the beauty of the tablescape and give the illusion of the space being much larger than it actually is.

Want to add ambiance in the evening? Mirrors can be used outside to effectively reflect candlelight from votives and lanterns.

Add a mirror to the side of a building to replicate the look of a window. Combined with plant materials and chunky wood frames, they’re very good at fooling the eye.

Have a potting bench or outdoor console table? A mirror works well as a backdrop to plants and more.

In small outdoor areas, mirrors can be hung to create the illusion of more space. The mirror behind this lattice on the gate makes it look as though the garden carries on. Love it!

Want to hang more than one? Grouping a collection of mirrors outside is a beautiful way to create interest. I love how the reflection of nature found in these round mirrors picks up on the rest of the green in this outdoor room.

Collection of mirrors in an outdoor space via Style at Home | Design by Lara McGraw | Photo by Donna Griffith

Style at Home | Design by Lara McGraw | Photo by Donna Griffith

As you can see, there are many places to hang a mirror outdoors, including the fence, porch, patio, garden shed and more!

Outdoor Mirror Tips

  • What will the mirror reflect? Make sure it’s something you want to draw attention to!
  • If there’s soil below, hang the mirror a bit off the ground to prevent splash marks.
  • If hanging in an unprotected area, only use types that are intended for exteriors (such as an acrylic garden mirror).
  • Finish the mirror frame in an exterior grade paint or stain.
  • Secure the mirror tightly to a sturdy surface (using screws and/or wire). Be wary of high wind areas!

Have you started thinking about decorating your outdoor space yet? Ever considered hanging a mirror outside? I’m definitely going to find a way this season!

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Have a fantastic day!

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  1. I have honestly never thought of putting a mirror outside. Clearly I am behind the times.  I really like that big leaning one.  

  2. I too have been noticing them more and more in outdoor spaces and I love the look.. I love that first one especially. I’m not sure it would last long outdoors unless it was covered but that’s ok!

    1. You can get mirrors made for outside, and I think if you used exterior paint it would last a lot longer. Of course in our winters you’d want to store it indoors or cover it for sure!

  3. Oh, I just LOVE that idea of using a mirror outside! I am changing the garden off our patio area right now too so this is perfect timing, thanks Shauna!!

  4. I’m looking around my house trying to figure out what I should grab for out there…love all the inspiration Shauna! So cute! XO, Aimee

  5. I love mirrors in outdoor spaces! I added a mirror to my backyard garden last year and it has made all the difference! I have pictures but can’t figure out how to link to them from my iPad (lol)

  6. I love the idea of putting mirrors outside. We’re crossing our fingers for a total backyard makeover very soon so I may have to do this, too.

  7. The mirrored gate is a lifesaver! I am replacing a fence and part of the process includes fencing off a very unsightly AC compressor. Doing so, however, means a 5′ “tunnel” from the gate to the point the side yard opens up. I think the mirror would be a lovely visual diversion. 
    Question: can you show me more of the pergola above the gate?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. I’ve been searching and searching for outdoor mirrors to hang on a brick wall for a courtyard design I’m doing for a client and that’s how I found you. I can’t find them any where. Any suggestions? I thought of going to a mirror store and perhaps getting a frameless one. If I use a regular mirror, do I need to waterproof it?

    1. A regular mirror will age. Someone who specializes in mirrors may have an acrylic version that’s better for outdoor use if it’s going to be exposed. I’ve only hung them on covered porches with a frame painted in exterior grade. Perhaps a specialty garden centre will have something you’re looking for.

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