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Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Lanterns

Looking for outdoor decorating ideas? Lanterns are functional, beautiful and versatile. Add ambiance and character to your outdoor space.

Earlier this week, I shared a round-up of some of my favourite outdoor lanterns I’ve come across so far this spring. With the outdoor entertaining season already starting for some and in the near future for the rest of us (fingers crossed), it’s always nice to add something new to the mix. Lanterns are one of my top choices for outdoor decorating, as they’re not only functional and beautiful, but they’re also one of the most versatile garden decor pieces you can find.

Decorating with Lanterns Outdoors

One of my favourite ways to decorate with lanterns is grouping various sizes of the same style together on a front porch, landing, or patio.

Grouping Lanterns on Stairs via Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Hanging lanterns from trees, pergolas, or arbors are an effective way to draw the eye up and bring a bit of romance to an outdoor space.

Side Garden Table with Hanging Lanterns - Photo by Adrienne DeRosa

Photo by Adrienne DeRosa

I adore the look of hanging paper lanterns for parties. So pretty!

As an option, lanterns can be hung on the side of a shed or alongside a fence.

Or placed down the center of an outdoor dining table.

Of course, lanterns always look amazing nestled in as part of the landscape.

And lastly, taking any of these outdoor decorating ideas and combining them yields big impact for sure.

Decorating With Outdoor Lanterns - Chatelaine - Photo by Roberto Caruso

Chatelaine | Photo by Roberto Caruso

Are lanterns part of your outdoor decorating scheme? What’s your favourite way to use them?

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. As always, I adore your style! I love grouping too, now I just have to tie all of my mismatched lanterns together!


  2. Oh my, I just LOVE all of these lanterns! Very inspiring – now my brain is working on some new outdoor ideas!

  3. Another inspirational post! And more great inspirational images – I love lanterns!!! I finally got outside and started the onerous task of weeding and rerouting a few plants. Would really like to have something awesome to share on the 15th, but we’ll see how the yard work goes!

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