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Fresh Mint: Garden to Table Recipes

A simple guide to growing mint, plus delicious recipe ideas for using this fresh herb all season long. You’ll love these mint drinks, desserts and more!

Do you plant a garden? We have a small backyard, but I always make room for growing fresh mint, basil, rosemary, oregano and other delicious herbs every spring. They’re the perfect way to add refreshing flavour to recipes all season long.

Fresh Mint Plant in White Pot

Growing and Caring for Mint

If you’re new to gardening and don’t know where to start, mint is definitely one of the easiest herbs to grow. In fact, it’s a bit like a weed, so most find it foolproof.

Given its voracious nature, it is usually best to keep mint plants in separate containers from other herbs. You don’t want them choking others out.

As far as growing conditions go, mint varieties differ slightly, but most prefer full sun and moist, fertile soil. I usually don’t find it necessary to fertilize my mint plans. Use organic with a light application if necessary.

Commonly Grown Varieties of Mint

  • spearmint
  • peppermint
  • mint chocolate
  • licorice mint
  • lemon balm
  • curly mint

My favourite variety to grow is spearmint for its aromatic and flavourful leaves. It’s the most popular form of mint for recipes. Peppermint is a good option for making tea and desserts.

To harvest, use snips or simply pinch off just above a lower set of leaves to keep the plant healthy. It’s best to remove leaves from the plant often to keep them young and tender.

Fresh Mint Recipes

Fresh Mint Recipes, Including Salads, Drinks, Desserts and More

Although I primarily grow mint to add to our fresh brewed iced tea, I often use it in salads, cocktails and smoothies. Fresh mint is soothing to the tummy and calming, so I use it every opportunity I can.

To give you ideas on what to do with fresh mint leaves, I’m sharing some of my recipes, plus those I plan on trying over the summer. They all look so delicious. Enjoy!

Strawberry & Mint Infused Water by Back to Her Roots

Strawberry, Fresh Mint, Cucumber & Lime Infused Water by Back to Her Roots

Pea, Mint & Feta Fritters by Gourmande in the Kitchen

Pea, Mint and Feta Fritters with Yogurt Mint Dipping Sauce - Gluten Free - Gourmande in the Kitchen

Sugar Free Mint Jelly by Larder Love

Sugar Free Mint Jelly by Larder Love

Fresh Spearmint Ice Cream by Cookie and Kate

Fresh Mint Ice Cream by Cookie and Kate

Blueberry & Mint Gin Fizz by One Tough Cookie

Blueberry Gin Fizz with Fresh Mint by One Tough Cookie

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Mint Plant in White Pot

Have any favourite recipes that use fresh mint? Be sure to leave a comment!

Ready to grow your own mint or other herbs? Check out more ideas for creating a container herb garden.

Herbs Potted in Burlap Planter

And, finally, find out how easy it is to dry mint to use in recipes all year long!

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