Dorm Room Storage and Decor For Him

Dorm room storage and decor pieces that are both clever and stylish for him!

Over the weekend, we helped move my son into his residence at college. It’s not that I was trying to block this day out of my mind (well maybe I was), but summer went by way too quickly, and I definitely wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been.

Boys tend to be procrastinators when it comes to this sort of thing. Somehow duvet covers, hand towels, laundry baskets and lamps aren’t really on their minds when they’re on summer break. I, on the other hand, remember having a decorating and organizing scheme pulled together for my first apartment at least a week before leaving for college. It was something I loved doing, and I guess that’s why my son tends to defer to me when it comes to these sorts of things.

For his first year, he opted to live on campus in a two story condo style residence shared with three others. They each have a bedroom, along with two half baths, a separate shower room, kitchen, dining area, living room, and an unfinished basement. Although it’s small, he definitely has more space than many first year students.

Dorm Room Storage and Decor

To personalize his bedroom, we brought a few essentials from home, but also found a few new stylish and clever dorm room storage and decor pieces to kick off this exciting chapter in his life.

It’s only the first week of school and I’m sure we’ll have to make a few other purchases or tweaks along the way. If you have a new college student, I found this dorm room essentials checklist that came in handy.

Have any ideas or tips for decorating or organizing a college residence?

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  1. I have been going through the same – we just moved out our oldest on the weekend. Big changes for all of us! Her room is a big mish mash, but that’s what she wanted. I think she’ll be fine, not sure about me though!

  2. Oh I’m kind of sad just thinking about sending your son off to school. I’m sure he’s got the most stylin’ room on campus though:)

  3. How exciting for your son! What’s he studying? My little brother just moved to my city (yay!) and is living in residence. He’s taking sciences. He asked me for some help hanging photos, so I pointed him toward washi tape. Haha. Cheap, colourful and removable.

  4. Awe, Shauna, this post kind of choked me up! Kaleigh is off to university too, but for this semester she is able to still live at home. However, as only my Kaleigh can be, she’s at the last minute decided to transfer to UVIC for Semester 2 and continue there for the rest of her degree. Can we say, mad scramble as a result of this decision?! It also means she will be living on campus, too! I am in no hurry for her to go, but happy for her to experience the ‘dorm’ life. I’ll be bookmarking this post!!!

  5. Those hanging closet organizer thingies are THE BEST! I have them in both kids rooms and in our front closet for mittens / hats etc. They are perfect for small spaces!

  6. Awesome tips… our son went off to school this year too, one difference, he was living on his own with his girlfriend before the move, so they totally had their own style and lucky for me his girlfriend could give classes on organizing! ;) Still, even though he was living on his own (25 min away) it was a whole new swell of emotions when he drove off and is now more than 4 hours away. What a great post for parents and kids to get organized!

  7. We just moved our daughter into her apartment too, and it was fun, but an expensive proposition. The question is, how do they have so much stuff? 

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