Do Trends Influence How You Decorate?

We’ve had amazing weather the past couple of weeks, but I can’t help notice that most stores have waved good-bye to summer. Displays have switched over to moodier shades, and my inbox is bombarded with new fall product previews and color stories.

As much as I like to stay on top of trends, I only choose items that “speak to me” for my home, despite what this year’s hottest color or must-have items may be. Believe me, this is something I’ve learned over time.

It’s no different than with fashion. So, bohemian print dresses and snakeskin loafers may be stylists’ top picks, but does it mean you should run out and buy them even if they don’t suit your personality?

It’s important to keep in mind that your home is an extension of you and should reflect that. Go ahead and look through the pages of home decor magazines and take note of colors and items that draw you in. Notice common threads from store to store. After you’ve taken it all in, decide what’s for you.

This fall I’m noticing the continuation of industrial and vintage accents, which are two things I’ve scattered throughout our home. I’m certain, for me, they will stand the test of time.

I also like the look of hammered metal. This is a trend I may add a small touch of, possibly with these picture frames or a pendant light.

Hammered Metal Home Decor Pieces

Something I’ll definitely pass on is plaid upholstery. I’ve lived through this one already via “hand-me-downs” and I think I’ll admire this trend from afar. However, done right, I think it’s worth a consideration for some of you.

This plaid chair would look amazing in a den or moody bedroom.

Donegal Plaid Chair in Midnight from Crate & Barrel

What fall 2012 home decor items have you fallen in love with? Do you remember a time when a trend influenced your purchase and you lived to regret it?

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  1. I am so with you – love what you live with! I am very much into vintage and industrial chic, so you’ll find that in my home here and there. Also, so with you on the plaid. Oh please, no plaid in my pad! The chair you featured is actually a plaid I could live with… if I could live with plaid ;-) And the purchase I am still stuck with years later are my love seats. I had them made custom. They are camel back floral! :-| Oh no, you didn’t misread that! What was I thinking??? Slipcovers are on my mind, but it’s the camel back those won’t disguise :-(

    1. Slipcovers may just be the right solution for the floral. As far as camel back goes, I think it’s making a comeback (according to House & Home).

  2. I love the look of gold accents still and I am hoping that this will be a forever classic. It’s nice to incorporate trends but only if they suit your home otherwise it is a huge waste of money.

    1. Love some gold accents as well (nothing too shiny for me) and I agree that money is wasted if you buy something solely because it’s on trend. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m not influenced by trends so much as seasons. In spring, I tend to lean towards light, airy and bright items for my house. When fall hits, I lean the other way and purchase warm colors and textured items. But I have bought a few items and when the season is over, I wonder what I was thinking! Not to say the items are bad, just they feel a little out of place once the next season comes around. I agree – No Plaid! :)

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