Color Crush: Lilac

Sharing beautiful rooms decorated with a touch of lilac.

Do you notice when you start to gravitate toward a decor color you previously overlooked? I’m talking about those colors that seem to have recently moved up on your list of favorites.

Over the past several weeks, my attention has been on lilac, especially the paled down version with a hint of grey. It doesn’t matter if I’m flipping through a magazine, glancing at Pinterest or watching decorating shows, rooms with this color in them always seem to catch my eye.

And, finally, I adore this lilac bathroom with its gorgeous black and white tub. Isn’t that widow spectacular?

I think what makes the color lilac seem fresh to me is the use of it in unexpected ways, like pairing it with gold or black to make it less sweet. I also like it as a subtle accent to otherwise neutral spaces.

Although I’m crushin’ on the color lilac at the moment, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to grab any paint or wallpaper soon. Rather, I’m thinking a small dose will be enough to satisfy my craving.

What color is on your radar lately? Do you stick to your all-time favorites when decorating your home or do you like to take risks?

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  1. i love it in some of these images, like that velvet sofa, and that beautiful bedroom…. but it is not a color i can live with for long.  maybe if i was a single girl in my 20’s. :)

  2. Purple in all shades has always been my favourite colour, and always will be :-) And I love purple paired with apple green and/or teal. I’m using more of these colours in my house now :-)

  3. I’m with you… small doses, and with Cassie, maybe not so much in my home. Purple is one of my favorite colours, and yet I don’t have it in my decor… Who knows where lilac will lead? Beautiful images to inspire, that’s for sure!

  4. Great photos Shauna.  I’m not a huge fan of purple or lilac, but your pictures have got me rethinking my opinion.  I’m still hooked on blue, and I think a part of me always will be.  But I am rethinking the blue paint on my kitchen walls (one of my riskiest paint choices), although I just painted them less than a year ago. Lol!

    1. I often find I grow tired of color on the walls too. Most of our house is painted neutral (with the exception of my son’s room and bathroom and the wall behind our bed). My son is graduating this year and I can’t wait to get rid of the light blue paint he wanted in his bathroom. I’m just so tired of it!

  5. The soft grey lilac color is quite fetching. I too have been gravitating toward a color for my home as of late. I have always been a silver girl – silver jewelry, silver photo frames and other accents for the home. One of my apartments my kitchen colors were silver, black and granny apple green. But lately, on the home decor front I have been gravitating toward gold for accents throughout our home, particularly in our bedroom that has a deep crimson red color and off-white/cream. When ever I come up with something I want to do and I imagine colors, gold seems to be an accent color.

  6. Just when I had elimanated most color from my house, I’ve been really drawn to images with pops of colors everywhere. For me, it hasn’t been any one color in particular, though. Just enough color to stand out and draw me in….I literally just went to IKEA the other day because I wanted to change up my entryway display (like you I can only have it in small doses) to satisfy this sudden color crave I have! I’ll hopefully be posting on it soon….been kind of slow and uninspired lately.

  7. Not a color i would ever gravitate to but your images are so pretty, I find myself thinking hmmm? Where can I use it?? It’s a gorgeous accent color!

  8. My wife will love me for this but I actually like the pink chair in the bathroom. If she reads this she will be reminded of the bathroom repair she has been bugging me about.

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