A “Certain” Quote

Had the knowing that something would happen for certain, even if it took longer than you hoped for? This quote will resonate with you!

Earlier this week, I was listening to a radio show while working in my office. This particular show was one of my favourite business women speaking with a spiritual author I have recently become familiar with, Gabby Bernstein. After hearing what she had to say, one of the quotes really stuck with me.

“Those with the certainty of an outcome are willing to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

Gabby spoke about knowing she would become a published author. It was something she believed down to her core, even when others were doubtful and often pessimistic. She was clear, kept her courage and knew it would come to fruition.

Have you ever had that feeling? Have you had the knowing that something would happen for certain, even if it took longer than you hoped for?

Those with the certainty of an outcome are willing to wait, and wait without anxiety- Quote by Gabby Bernstein

I’m sure if you took a moment to reflect, there would be a long list of these occurrences. Perhaps it was becoming a mother for the first time or finishing your master’s degree. Or, maybe it was putting your feet in the ocean for the first time. Whatever these moments are, did you know that someday they would happen for certain?

For the longest time, my husband and I have dreamed of having a cottage by the lake or a cabin in the mountains. We speak as though it will happen for certain, with no thoughts of anything getting in the way. We can picture spending time there in the summer with friends and family and eventually our grand children (yes, we are thinking that far ahead).

I think that’s why Gabby’s quote stuck with me so much. It’s thinking about an outcome I want to come to fruition, but not trying to force it. I believe that eventually everything will come together to make it happen. We’ll meet someone, or get a nudge to take some sort of action… You know how it goes.

In the spirit of our future cottage, I’ve created a file folder of magazine tear-outs, as well as a Pinterest board called Ideas for the Cottage. Here are some of the items I’ve pinned so far.

Ideas for the Cottage - Pinterest Board

So, what have you been dreaming about? Have you been able to let go and put your trust in the process?

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Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Love this post Shauna! I have been reading a lot recently about following your path and how everything is already planned out for us. I’ll have to take time to reflect on if there is anything that I really knew would happen.

  2. Great post and inspirational message. I’ve been doing reading in this area and firmly believe it is true that if you stick to your dreams they will happen.

    1. Love reading about this topic as well. It’s amazing how when you pay attention, you can start to notice things you’ve wished for coming true, even the small stuff.

  3. I too believe that you have to visualize your dreams. Without that step, you never really know where you are headed. The hard part is waiting for the right timing to move forward with it! Pinterest is such a great way to collect those thoughts and take time to picture what you want. This is a lovely group of images, and I hope your cabin dreams come true sooner than later.

  4. The knowing that something would happen for certain…
    Yes, and that’s often when I am in my zone and committed to a compelling purpose.

    If my “Why” is strong, my “How” kicks in … and I can usually find a way.

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