Shopping for a Sectional Sofa

Learn these style tips and fabric basics to consider while shopping for a quality sectional sofa for a busy family room.

As mentioned earlier this week, I’ve turned my focus to finalizing selections for our basement renovation. Basically the plan is to create a large media room and storage room, as well as a finished hallway with doors leading to a potential bedroom and bathroom. We’ve opted not to install the bathroom or finish the bedroom because we don’t require the extra space for just the three of us. However, we do plan on building in the next few years, so we wanted to make sure a bathroom and bedroom could easily be finished if the need was there for a potential buyer.

The main piece of furniture in the media room will be a sectional sofa. For the size of the room, it just makes sense to maximize seating, as well as provide the all-import comfort factor. After visiting my sister in California over Easter, I realized just how much I enjoy cuddling up with everyone watching TV. Plus, a sectional provides extra sleeping space.

There are a few things I’ve had to consider while sourcing a sectional. Because we have a wrap-around staircase, there are restrictions to what will actually fit down the stairs. In addition, we want a style that is comfortable, but still classic in design. Lastly, the fabric needs to be as durable and as stain proof as possible. It is a TV room and, as my son says, “There will be spills. I’m only human!” He’s right, and it could very well be me.

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Sectional Sofa Options

I’m still doing some research, but I have found some good contenders. I like the classic style of these sectionals below.

Sectional Fabric Options

The fabric options we are looking at mimic linen, but have the hard-wearing benefits of man-made fibers. Stylus has a wide variety of options to choose from, which makes it more appealing than Pottery Barn’s limited choices.

The front runner for me in this grouping is Egyptian. Not only does it have variation in colour, but it also tests at 100,000 double rubs.

Pottery Barn has a Washed Grainsack fabric that I like, but after doing some research on upholstery fabric durability, I’m afraid it will pill over time due to its loose weave and fabric combination. In addition, although their other linen fabrics are beautiful, they’re not very practical for a family sectional.

Pottery Barn Washed Grainsack Fabric

Another option I’m considering is having a sectional sofa made by a local upholsterer, Whittaker Designs. This will allow me to source from hundreds of fabrics and a variety of styles to get exactly what we want.

What do you think? Is there a particular sectional style you prefer or a fabric you are drawn to? Have you found a sectional that is super comfy or a linen-look fabric that stands the test of time? I’d love to have your feedback!

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  1. Nice choices Shauna. I have the Tofina and it is pretty comfy. The fabric is something like what you are looking at but in a misty gray, and it holds up well to my own spills. However, I would probably have preferred to go with something a bit more soft and luxurious to the touch now, since I seem to spend a lot of time on it in front of the tv with my laptop on my lap!

    1. Thanks for your input, Kelly. I’ve thought about a gray as well, but I think I’m going to use it as an accent color or possibly for the ottoman. 

  2. I love the pottery barn sectional – it just looks so inviting. I am a huge fan of sectionals with the chaise(?) on the one side, looks like a perfect place to watch TV or read a good book.

    1. It is comfy. I just wish they had more fabric options. A chaise on the end is comfy, but it won’t allow us to put an ottoman in the middle for everyone to put their feet up on. Did you buy a sectional yet?

  3. I like the choices from Whittaker designs. I have yet to find the perfect “fabric”. As long as you take good care of it it will last. I have a Sherrill sectional and in a light gray fabric and it has hold up very very well. And I have 2 boys ; )

  4. Oh, I so want a sectional for our TV area. I love the lines of the Stylus Metro option – very chic, yet comfy and inviting looking. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

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