Valentine’s Day Colorful Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is on Friday and I’m loving all the shades of pink and red I’m seeing in stores and online. Thank goodness the colors of love are bright and cheery in the midst of winter, wouldn’t you say? This year I made heart-printed treat bags for my husband and son that I’m going to fill with some of their favorite things. I also plan on adding some colorful flowers to our table and making something special for dinner.

Although we like to keep it simple around here and forgo expensive gifts, it’s always fun to take a look at what’s out there, whether it’s specifically Valentine’s Day merchandise or simply colors that remind me of the special day. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds I’m sure every girl will love!

Magenta Pillows- Arianna Belle

Magenta pillows from Arianna Belle


Red Beaded Sardinia Bracelet- Stella & Dot

Red Beaded Sardinia Bracelet from Stella & Dot

Watercolor Hugs & Kiss Art- LaBerge

Watercolor Hugs & Kiss Art from LaBerge

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Valentine’s Day Treat Bags with Iron-on Transfer Printables

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I thought it was the perfect time to make some treat bags. Around here, we keep it simple on February 14. With both of our birthdays being in January and the holidays having just passed, we forgo expensive gifts or dinner out. However, I do cook something special and I like to put a little something together to show my husband and son how much they mean to me. These little bags are perfect for holding a few of their favorite things.

Valentine's Day Iron-on Transfer Printables- Satori Design for Living

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Before I get to the tutorial for these treat bags, I must thank Tara from Suburble for inviting me to participate in today’s Valentine’s Day Project Blog Hop with 9 other Canadian home bloggers. Details to follow below…

To make your own treat bags, you will need:

Fabric- cotton canvas (each bag requires a 14″x9.5″ piece)
Thread- same color as fabric
Iron-on Transfer paper (I used Lesley Riley’s TAP)
Jute or string (22″ per bag)

Sewing machine
Injet printer
Safety pin


Cut a 14″x9.5″ rectangle of fabric for each treat bag you want to make. To create a pocket for the string, turn the top edge of the longest side of the fabric under 3/8″ (towards the wrong side of the fabric) and again 3/4″. Press in place.

DIY Valentine's Day Treat Bags with Iron-on Transfer Printables | Satori Design for Living

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Happy Valentine’s Day + Blogs I’m Crushin’ On

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have any special plans? My husband is currently traveling and we’ve decided to celebrate when he gets back. Tonight it will just be my son and I and I’m going to make something chocolate to satisfy his sweet tooth (he gets that from me)! I’m also going to be having coffee with one of my dearest friends today. She’s a nutritionist and we love bouncing ideas off one another. After spending time with her, I’m always motivated to ramp up my health factor. Perhaps that dessert for my son will be dark chocolate covered strawberries.

A few weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite design blogs called In My Own Style. I love Diane’s approach and often read her blog for affordable DIY and decorating ideas. Anyway, she thought it would be fun to show a little love to the blogs we adore most this Valentine’s Day and I was totally on board!


I have to start by saying that I can’t include absolutely all of the blogs I love or I’d be here a while. There are just so many beautiful and inspirational blogs that it’s tough to pick only a few! What I decided to do is showcase the blogs of ladies I’ve grown to admire because of their kindness, willingness to help a girl out, ongoing support, and general sense of camaraderie and friendship. These ladies have fantastic style and the best part about their blogs is that they allow their personalities to shine through.

Although I’ve been blogging for less than 6 months, the interaction with the ladies behind these blogs has allowed me to accomplish and experience much more than if I had to go it alone! Many days I’m working alone in my office, but it feels like I am surrounded by amazing colleagues. I will be eternally grateful!

I encourage you to check each one of them out and see why I’m crushin’.



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Swanky Press {An Etsy Feature} + Giveaway

I’m excited to introduce the next shop in our Etsy feature series- Swanky Press. I think the timing of this feature couldn’t be better! Last week I wrote about my latest craving for color to combat the winter blahs (read about it here), and this shop definitely fills the need. In addition, Swanky Press has some of the most adorable Valentine’s Day supplies that you and your kids will love, along with much more!

{Vintage Cupid}

Who’s Behind Swanky Press?

Elizabeth Holliday is married to her college sweetheart, Brad, and has 3 awesome kids. Although she started out her career as an engineer (with degrees in both Nuclear and Environmental engineering), she decided that being a stay-at-home mom was more important after their first baby was born.

Even after being home full time with 3 kids, Elizabeth never grew tired of being a SAHM. She started Swanky Press first and foremost because it was a ton of fun, and it seemed to fit well with her at-home mom lifestyle. Even now, she still works from a home office. This way she can work as much as she needs to (and at crazy hours), but when her kids and family are around, she can shut the office door behind her and head out to spend quality time with them.  That flexibility of being at home for them, but still working full time, is something that would be very difficult for her to find back in the traditional work world.

The true start of the business, the “spark” that created it,  was when her 7 year old son, Davis, declared that all the stationery she had purchased was “too baby” for him. She really wanted her kids to understand the importance of handwritten thank you cards, but if he felt silly writing on the cards, it was a hard battle to fight. Elizabeth’s very first designs were notecards created to please her own picky kids. From there, she expanded into their birthday party invitations and their family Christmas cards. After a few years of creating for personal use (and some encouraging feedback from friends and family), she decided there might be a market for some of her designs.

Elizabeth’s background as an engineer helped (and so did her slightly obsessive tendencies) as she realized she didn’t just need to learn more about graphic design, but also about selling online. As most mompreneurs know, it’s not enough to just understand your craft, you also have to learn the ins-and-outs of running a small business, websites, marketing,  and more. She spent about 2 years with this learning curve, and then built a tiny website and started selling a couple of items here and there to “fund” her new hobby. Just after her 3rd child was born, she decided she was finally ready to dive in and give it a shot as more than a hobby. Elizabeth is paying this learning forward with a blog she co-authors with her husband called ShopGirlMBA, dedicated to the mompreneur and small business owner.

The Etsy Shop

Elizabeth knew Etsy was a good fit for her designs because shoppers there really understand the value of handmade goods. Because she creates her own invitation designs, she can be very flexible with colors and layouts so that each client gets exactly what she needs.

 {Cute as a Button}

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Valentine’s Day Color {just in time!}

Are you feeling the winter blahs? We’ve had a mild winter this year so I really can’t complain about the cold, but the dirty gray-brown coloring outside is wearing on me. Last weekend we went into the city to look for a TV and surround sound for the new family room (we’re just starting our basement renovation and you’ll hear more about it soon) and I was excited to see the Valentine’s Day merchandise out. Thank goodness the color of love is bright and happy!

Usually we forgo Valentine’s gifts because we take a family trip to a warm destination this time of year. What better way to share the love than giving each other our undivided attention for a week with no day-to-day life distractions. However, I still like to look at and admire what’s out there whether it’s intended specifically for Valentine’s Day or just happens to be in pink or red. Here are some of my favorites:

{via Williams Sonoma}

{via Indigo}

{via Etsy}

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