Valentine’s Day Colorful Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is on Friday and I’m loving all the shades of pink and red I’m seeing in stores and online. Thank goodness the colors of love are bright and cheery in the midst of winter, wouldn’t you say? This year I made heart-printed treat bags for my husband and son that I’m going to fill with some of their favorite things. I also plan on adding some colorful flowers to our table and making something special for dinner.

Although we like to keep it simple around here and forgo expensive gifts, it’s always fun to take a look at what’s out there, whether it’s specifically Valentine’s Day merchandise or simply colors that remind me of the special day. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds I’m sure every girl will love!

Magenta Pillows- Arianna Belle

Magenta pillows from Arianna Belle


Red Beaded Sardinia Bracelet- Stella & Dot

Red Beaded Sardinia Bracelet from Stella & Dot

Watercolor Hugs & Kiss Art- LaBerge

Watercolor Hugs & Kiss Art from LaBerge

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Keeping the Winter Blues Out of Your Home

Yesterday, another snow storm hit, and I was so happy I didn’t have to leave the house. This winter, we’ve had more than our fair share of snow, which means cold temperatures and gloomy days- YUCK! To make it even worse, I’m one of those people who’s cold most of the time (in the literal sense) and takes forever to warm up. Thankfully, a snow-covered ground eventually leads to intensely sunny days, making it feel like spring is just around the corner (cue happy dance!). For those other dreary days, when the “winter blues” are most likely to set in, I have my own personal bag of tricks to ensure they never have a chance…


Starting in January, I treat myself to potted bulbs and other small plants in bright colors to place around the house. Usually, I pick these up at the grocery store since they only cost a few dollars each, but last for several weeks. Most times, I simply plop the unattractive plastic pot in a ceramic one and top with a bit of moss. Easy peasy!

Purple Hyacinth

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When I’m ahead of the game, I start several pots of indoor bulbs early in the year so I can enjoy a bit of color and green up until the weather turns warm.


For Christmas, my husband bought me an ultrasonic nebulizer from Saje. It’s a heat-free essential oil diffuser that purifies the air and releases moisture. Basically, it makes the air better to breathe and gives off an amazing aroma.


So far, my favorite diffuser blend is Liquid Sunshine which smells citrus-y and reminds me of chewable vitamin C. It’s part of the “Happiness” collection, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m drawn to that particular scent at the moment.

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Blue and White Bedding {Friday’s Fab Find}

Big plans for the weekend? I’m going to be breaking out the golf clubs for the first time this year and hopefully I’ll also be finishing off the planting and other outdoor projects I started before all the rain. I’m one for green and lush, but this is getting ridiculous. Time for sunshine!

Yesterday, I was out sourcing for two client projects I’m currently working on and came across some beautiful blue and white bedding. As you know, blue and white decorating is one of my favorite palettes, especially for summer spaces. I’ve had my eye on a few bedding pieces from Serena and Lily for a while now, but didn’t exactly love the price tag with decorative pillows starting around $88 and $210 for sheets.


Serena and Lily Blue and White Bedding


Fortunately, I decided to take a walk through Sears and spotted their Eastern Philosophy blue and white bedding for much less, starting at around $30 for decorative pillows and $100 for sheets.


Sears Eastern Philosophy Blue and White Bedding

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Decorative Pillows On My Mind

Do you remember disliking Sundays as a kid? My husband and I were just talking about this the other day and my son was “WHAT!” He happens to be a big fan of Sundays and I can say I’ve grown to love them too. We’re not big on sleeping in (and our dog wouldn’t let us anyway), but I cherish getting up and having a coffee in front of the fireplace, talking about what’s currently going on, what we want to do in the future and anything else that comes up. This is one of my favorite parts of the week.

Today my husband is traveling, so it’s a bit of a different Sunday. Although I’m missing our Sunday ritual, all is not lost. I’ve decided to take advantage of the extra hours to finally get to some projects that have been on the back burner. Before Christmas I ordered some lovely fabric I want to make new pillow covers out of. It has been sitting in my office taunting me. Today I can finally say- “No more, you get your wish!”

{via Dwell Studio}

I think it’s the perfect fabric to breathe a bit of Spring into my home. I’m hoping to find a few additional fabrics in smaller-scaled patterns and a solid to pull the whole thing together.

This week, while working on a client project, I came across a few ready-made pillows that knocked my socks off. Although they’re not the perfect complement to my fabric, they will definitely work in other rooms.

{via Z Gallerie}

I think a few pillows like these will make their way to my home very soon!

Speaking of pillows, I’m often asked how to combine different fabrics and how to know when too much is too much. It’s really a personal preference and it depends on what else is going on in the room. With that being said, if the furniture pieces are neutral, I like to combine:

  • one large-scaled print
  • two or three small-scaled prints
  • one or two solids

It isn’t always that simple and often depends on the different textures of fabrics and other features of the room (paint color, area rug, accessories, etc.), but it’s a general rule to follow.

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