Using Cloches in Holiday Decorating

I’ve been looking for some new ideas to add to my holiday decorating repertoire this year. Last year, I added photos in small silver-leaf frames to the tree and we replaced the old style icicle lights outside for some silvery-blue larger bulbs. I typically don’t buy very many Christmas decorations because I just don’t have the storage room and I’d rather spend my money on accessories that are out more than one month a year. I decided that whatever I added this year needed to be multi-purpose. Then, one day I was scoping out Pinterest and voila- there it was! A beautifully adorned Christmas Cloche. My decision was made!

Christmas Cloche via{via}

The options for decorating with cloches are pretty much endless. Here are some of my favorites:

Outdoor Cloche with Lights

Outdoor Cloche with Lights- Christmas Decorating

Outdoor Red Ornament Cloche

Outdoor Red Ornament Cloche

Place Setting Cloche

Place Setting Cloche for the Holidays

Cloche with Bright Ornaments

Cloche with Bright Christmas Ornaments

Cloche with Oversized Pine Cone

Cloche with Oversized Pinecone

Cloche with Vintage Ornaments

vintage-ornaments-in-a-cloche via

Winter White Cloche

Cloche with Winter White Decor for the Holidays

I haven’t decided where I’m going to put my cloche or what I will fill it with- pine cones, greenery, ornaments, lights, small packages…One thing I know is that it will be something I can change up over the seasons and I’m looking forward to that.

Are there any new holiday decorating ideas you’re adding this year? Do you share my adoration for Pinterest?




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    • says

      Actually I think I like that one the best since I’m kind of a white, simple, nature kind of girl! But, the bright ornaments are eye catching too. So hard to decide what to do!

  1. says

    I have been keeping my eye out for a cloche at my local thrift store, no luck yet. But I completely agree with you about the decorations. I’m all for mutli-seasonal. This year I’ve been inspired by nature – pinecones mostly and can use that decor from fall through winter. Score.

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