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Birthday Getaway

I had the best time on my birthday getaway!

Hello! It has been a bit of a whirl wind this month, and I must apologize for the scattered posts. As many of you know, it took me a couple of weeks to recuperate from a terrible flu I had over Christmas. That meant delaying project plans and so much more.

On Thursday I had to put everything on hold once again (not complaining) to partake in a surprise getaway my husband planned for my big birthday. Yes, it was very sweet and thoughtful of him (just like this cake he came home with on Wednesday night from Crave)!

Pink Birthday Cake from Crave

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All I knew ahead of time about the trip is that it involved flying somewhere in Canada (the only option as my passport expired- oops!) and to pack “dress up” clothes. Leading up, I tried to find out a little more (take a bathing suit? need a parka?), but all he’d talk about was the motel (say what?), checking the weather report for Manitoba (knowing it was super cold there), that sort of thing- ha ha, not funny! Finally, when we checked in at the airport, I read ‘Vancouver’ on my ticket and was super excited (and relieved)!

We stayed at the Opus hotel in Yaletown. I’ve stayed there before on a business trip around five years ago, but who knew my husband was actually listening when I said I wanted to go back! If you’ve never been, it’s worth the splurge (at least for a night or two).

We were greeted with champagne at check in and a double chocolate cake in our room (my husband told them we were coming to celebrate my birthday). The continental breakfast was one of the best we’ve had, and I couldn’t get enough of the heated tile floor in the bathroom (we are so getting that in our next house). Simple things like a bathroom stocked with L’Occitane products, as well as a fresh water carafe and candy on the nightstand at turndown service won me over. I could get used to that kind of lifestyle!

Billy Superior Room - Opus Vancouver

Located across from the hotel is one of my favourite home decor and lifestyle shops, The Cross.

The Cross Decor & Design in Yaletown Vancouver

Do you love gallery walls too?

Art Gallery Wall at The Cross

They had a beautiful collection of pillows, decor, lighting and more.

Living Room at The Cross in Vancouver

Although I wanted to bring most of the store home with me, I settled on an individual butter dish I have a plan for (I’ll share that idea later this week). Isn’t it adorable?! (It’s also available in a rectangular version.)

Ball Rim Butter Dish from The Cross

Aside from a visit to Granville Island (that market is amazing) and shopping on Granville Street, we checked out designer Rosie Daykin’s Butter Baked Goods on Mackenzie Street.

I loved the nostalgic mint green paint paired with the oversized pink floral wallpaper- so pretty! We ate a yummy lunch and had a very difficult time choosing just one thing to share for dessert. We must’ve eyed everything up and down at least four times (and forgot to take photos)! We finally settled on a peanut butter cookie sandwich.

Want to try some of Rosie’s recipes at home? She created a beautiful cookbook filled with baked treats.

Butter Baked Goods Cookbook

We also took a stroll through historic Gas Town and visited the Museum of Anthropology.

Gas Town Vancouver

If you have an appreciation for art and culture, definitely plan on stopping by.

Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver

It was a trip that involved a lot of eating and shopping. Definitely a birthday to remember. Probably a good thing it was short!

After returning to the dirty snow and cooler weather on Sunday night, I felt a little sad to leave the green of Vancouver behind (probably had a bit to do with coming off my sugar high!). However, nothing beats the sunny blue sky I woke up to on Monday morning. Only a few more months and our green will start!

Have any favourite places to visit in Vancouver? What are your favourite things to do on a weekend getaway?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. OOh, glad you enjoyed our fair city! Isn’t The Cross delicious? I have a similar butter dish from there too! Happy belated Birthday!

  2. It looks like you had loads of fun… The room you stayed in was beautiful and the sweet treats look very scrumptious! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Shauna what an amazing present and trip!  I’ve only been to Vancouver with kids so we hit up the aquarium and the science center  which are both great.  But I think an adult trip with museums and gorgeous hotel rooms is in order!

  4. Another happy birthday wish to you Shauna! I can’t believe you were in Vancouver – so close!!! You definitely hit some great highlights, and what a great guy your husband is!! I’m so glad you had a good time!! :-)

  5. What an awesome birthday!  Kits is my fave Vancouver area, but Yaletown is definitely #2!  

    and your hubby is a definite keeper!


    ps that first cake is divine.  Now I have to go find some dessert… ;)

  6. What a fabulous present! The city is so much fun, isn’t it? (Said the girl from the ‘burbs)

    Your hubby is such a sweetheart for whisking you away! Love that idea! 

  7. Your Birthday vacation sounded great Shauna, your hubby is a keeper for sure!! I’m sure it was nice to go somewhere without snow too. I grew up in Vancouver and go over there often, there’s still so much to explore! I’d really like to visit that shop next time I’m over too, it looks like a great place to browse around in! Happy belated Birthday and hugs!!

  8. Awesome choice! It’s not even a close race at this time of year as to where in Canada you should go, right?! I love Yaletown, Gastown and Granville Street. The only thing you could have added would be Kits but sounds like you got a ton of fun packed in to one weekend.

  9. Happy belated birthday! I am thinking it was nice to take a break from our snow. I did not see one snowflake in any of your photographs. I love how you approached this special get-away from a designer perspective! It resonated through your blog post! Well done! ~Thea

  10. Happy belated birthday Shauna! I’m glad you had a fun time! I adore The Cross too!! Wish I could bring it all into my home too! 

  11. Happy birthday!! Glad you’re feeling better. When I was last in Vancouver we went to an amazing fish market, somewhere near Richmond, where the fishermen were selling their “catch of the day” off the boats. Loved it! Don’t have that here in Ontario!

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