Beaver Canoe at Target {Friday’s Fab Find}

Did you know the Beaver Canoe brand is available at Target Canada? I’m sharing my favourites from the home collection and getting a bit nostalgic.

If you’re a Canadian gal close to my age, you probably remember wishing for a Beaver Canoe sweatshirt as a teen. I grew up on a farm two hours away from the city, and waiting to make the trip to buy my first one just about killed me. I vividly recall finally walking into the store, looking around, and eventually realizing the only sizes left were too big. In the end, I really didn’t care, bought the colour I wanted (pale mint green), and wore it very baggy with the sleeves rolled up (pretty much 80’s style anyway).

Beaver Canoe Women's Long Sleeve Hoodie from Target Canada

Fast forward a few years (okay, quite a few years!), and who would’ve thought Target Canada would been carrying the Beaver Canoe brand?! The best part is, they’ve added a collection for the home that embodies the timeless style of the Canadian outdoors.

Beaver Canoe Home Collection at Target Canada

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of rustic to your otherwise modern style, cozy up a space with some chunky textures, or liven up a corner with a pop of colour, the Beaver Canoe home collection has you covered. And of course, in true Target fashion, the prices are wallet-friendly.

Beaver Canoe Home Collection Favourites

Beaver Canoe Home Collection at Target Canada

Tell me, do you remember wearing the Beaver Canoe brand when you were a teen? Can you recall where you bought it or who gave it to you? What about the colour?

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Enjoy your weekend,

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  1. We were in Target this week and the first thing I saw when I walked in was a mannequin wearing a Beaver Canoe sweatshirt….it was a serious flashback. And that mirror…It was on clearance at my store and I stood and drooled for quite a while….it’s beautiful. 

    1. Flashback is right. I’ve seen the occasional Beaver Canoe stuff at Roots, but this was a little different. I think I’m going to pick up a couple pillows to cozy up our basement.

  2. I  totally remember Beaver Canoe !  It was a must have in the  80’s! I travelled from Calgary to West Edmonton Mall for mine…. Grey crew pull over… I loved it!

  3. I loved Beaver Canoe, but I never got to own one. Maybe I will make my inner 13 yr old very happy this year!

  4. I just went online to target and typed in beaver canoe and no results found. Is this collection only in stores?

    1. Hi Terry, It’s in Canadian Target stores. I was there on Monday and they have some of the pieces in the collection, but it was getting pretty picked over.

  5. I loved Beavercanoe! I will probably get something for my girls, and tell them they need to love it too!

  6. I am a desperate American sooooooo wanting to recapture my youth! HOWEVER, Target will only sell BC in Canada. I wanna cry. Any idea of other resources for a sweatshirt?

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