Dining Room Furniture {An Eclectic Mix}

More and more I’m seeing dining room furniture sets being broken up and replaced with an eclectic mix of styles and/or colors. The matchy-matchy concept first started to fall by the wayside with living room furniture some time ago. Remember the leather sofa, love seat, and chair that seemed to be common in most households? Not so much any more. Current dining rooms appear to be following this trend, and I can say I’m totally on board with the updated look.

My interpretation of eclectic is a curation of unexpected furnishings and decor that reflect a homeowner’s personal and unique style. For instance, this dining room with settee, metal chairs, and teak table would likely speak to someone with a modern country aesthetic. However, eclectic style is broad can be interpreted in many different forms.

modern country dining- eclectic mix



When putting together a mix, it’s important to have at least one element that ties everything together so it doesn’t start to look garish. The linking factor of materials seen in this marble table with rustic wood base, upholstered reproduction chairs, and slipcovered stools is color.

Eclectic Dining Room Furniture


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Freshen Your Space With Spring Decorating Trends {Guest Post}

Tiffany- Living Savvy Blog

Hey There!  My name is Tiffany and my blog is called Living Savvy.  I am an interior designer who loves to share DIY projects and client projects!

With spring right around the color I know we are all craving a little freshness in the air and in our homes.  Here are some tips on how to freshen your space just in time for spring!

Mixing Metals

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


For a while I would never be caught dead with anything gold in my house or my clients houses, but some how it has warmed on me.  I think that is exactly what it does for the space too… adds a little bit of warmth.  By mixing silvers and gold it creates an warm/cool combo that really pops in any space.

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Decorated With Gold Yet?

Are you old enough to remember the style of the 80′s? I’ve heard that if fashion is going to repeat itself, it’s usually in a 30 year cycle. If we apply this rule, then it makes sense why gold is the metal that’s showing up everywhere.


DL Rhein Honeycomb Marigold Pillow{via}


Worlds Away Randolph Gold Leaf Sconce{via}


Although I’ve embraced gold’s comeback in fashion for the past couple of years in my jewelry and accessory choices, I’ve been a little more cautious when it comes to decorating my home. I guess I can say I’ve admired gold from afar.

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Is the Pouf Here to Stay?

As I look at the changing colors outside, I would definitely say fall is here. Don’t you just love the way the sun shines a little differently this time of year, and every morning brings with it a new landscape? Having such a gorgeous weekend, I was able to finally get my front door painted (more on that later this week) and I started to do some fall decorating. Although my focus was on the exterior spaces of our home, I couldn’t help but notice one fall decor item in particular popping up all over- POUFS.

Have you seen October’s issue of Canadian House & Home magazine? The living room on the cover is from Linda Reeves’ latest showhouse, and I just adore the neutral palette and subtle fall decorating. Notice the poufs that lead your eye into the room? The pattern and texture they bring to the space is gorgeous.


Although poufs have been around for a while, I’m finding the choices of shape, size and fabric have evolved. What once was limited to a Moroccan or bohemian look, has now been adopted by almost every style. Look how perfectly this neutral pouf complements this classic living room.


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Do Trends Influence How You Decorate?

We’ve had amazing weather the past couple of weeks, but I can’t help notice that most stores have waved good-bye to summer. Displays have been changed to moodier shades and my inbox is bombarded with new fall product previews and color stories. As much as I like to stay on top of trends, I only choose items that “speak to me” for my home, despite what this year’s hottest color or must-have items may be. Believe me, this is something I’ve learned over time.

It’s no different than with fashion. So, bohemian print dresses and snakeskin loafers may be stylists’ top picks, but does it mean you should run out and buy them even if they don’t suit your personality?

Remember that your home is an extension of you and should reflect that. Go ahead and look through the pages of home decor magazines and take note of colors and items that draw you in. Notice common threads from store to store. After you’ve taken it all in, decide what’s for you.

This fall I’m noticing the continuation of industrial and vintage accents, which are two things I’ve added here and there throughout our home. Here are a couple inspiration pics of other ways I may incorporate this style.


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