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Dining Room Furniture {An Eclectic Mix}

Learn how to mix and match your dining room furniture to get an eclectic look.

More and more, I’m seeing dining room furniture sets being broken up and replaced with an eclectic mix of styles and/or colours. The matchy-matchy concept first started to fall by the wayside with living room furniture some time ago. Remember the leather sofa, love seat, and chair that seemed to be common in most households? Not so much any more. Current dining rooms appear to be following this trend, and I can say I’m totally on board with the updated look.

Eclectic Dining Room Ideas

My interpretation of eclectic is a curation of unexpected furnishings and decor that reflect a homeowner’s personal and unique style. For instance, this dining room below with settee, metal chairs, and teak table would likely speak to someone with a modern country aesthetic. However, eclectic style is broad can be interpreted in many different forms.

Modern Country Dining Room - Eclectic Mix - Erin McLaughlin via Style at Home | Photo by Virginia Macdonald

Erin McLaughlin via Style at Home | Photo by Virginia Macdonald

When putting together a mix, it’s important to have at least one element that ties everything together so it doesn’t start to look garish. The linking factor of materials seen in the marble table with rustic wood base, upholstered reproduction chairs, and slipcovered stools in the inspiration pic below is colour.

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An element of tension is often what makes the eclectic look work. Placing large scale wingback chairs at the ends of a weathered table as seen in this dining room brings a sense of coziness and presence to the space.

Banquettes along one or two sides of a table combined with chairs on the other help create a casual dining space with eclectic appeal. The pillows on this upholstered seating area pull in the colours of the cane chair and metal table making it all look cohesive.

The same tone of wood on the tufted banquette, wicker chair, and table below brings this collection together.

An eclectic mix of furniture doesn’t always have to look casual. Playing up dining chairs with a bold colour combined with classic black and white will help to achieve at least a semi-formal look.

Have you noticed the eclectic trend in dining room furniture? Is it something you’re drawn to or do your prefer a more traditional look? I’d love to know which dining room speaks to you the most in the comments!

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  1. I’d love to do something like this minus the upholstered seating since I have little kids. I do like the idea of buying a table in a different finish than the chairs to try and break up a dining set a little. The only fabric I can have is on the windows and even then my kids will figure out a way to get something on them!

    1. An option is using indoor/outdoor fabric to upholster pieces to make them safer for kids. However, I totally know what you mean, and it never fails that I just get something new and dirty feet or hands ruin it- Murphy’s law!

  2. Beautiful post, Shauna! I love the images you’ve shared, and I’m with you, I’m loving the eclectic dining room. It just feels a lot more welcoming to me!

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