Colorful and Fun Kitchen Decor

Happy February! I’ve been on a mission to get my kitchen organized and refreshed this week and thought it would be fun to add some color to help lift us out of this winter slump. Anyone else feeling blah?

My friend Aimee posted this colorful kitchen photo from Target’s catalogue and I immediately knew it’s the vibe I’ve been craving. Perhaps a little daring for the neutral-lover in me, but accessories are always a safe bet because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy enough to change up.

Yellow and Coral Kitchen

If you’re daring and like to live with vibrant color year round then I won’t stop you from painting your kitchen a bright yellow. My client Fiona did and she loves the cheeriness it brings to her space even on the dreariest of days. If you’re like me and that kind of commitment scares you, then perhaps dots of color here are there are your best bet found in kitchen decor.

After searching for some colorful kitchen accessories earlier this week, I was excited to come across some fun storage canisters, ceramic baskets and tea towels I plan on purchasing. I also found a bunch of other ideas that may be a good way to liven up your kitchen.

Adding Colorful Accessories to Your Kitchen

Source guide:  lemon tea towel, bicycle tea towel, farmers market baskets, dipped bamboo utensils, canisters, serving bowl, drapery finials, storage tin, area rug

Have you done anything to brighten up your space this winter? How do you like to inject color?

See you next week!

Shauna Oberg

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  1. says

    I love this kitchen, but I’m too scared to try something like that in my home.  I tend to lean towards neutrals.  But the accessories are great, and a great way to add the color without the long term commitment, like you said.  I’m exited for Target too!

  2. says

    I definitely have the winter blahs as well.  I’m so happy it’s Feb because that means it’s almost spring:)  I had a yellow living room in our house in Toronto and I loved it.  In fact, everyone loved it.  The mailman, the pizza delivery guy.  It was truly amazing how many people commented on the colour.  Have a great weekend Shauna!

    • says

      In our last house the living room was Benjamin Moore’s Vellum and we loved it. The room gave off a warm glow at night and was beautiful with the fireplace on. I’ve gone in a different direction in this house- whites, blues, greens, tans and greys. Sounds a little boring, but we like it.

  3. says

    You don’t have a Target?!?!?! I never considered that possibility. I DO love it, but somehow I rarely manage to walk out of there for under $100. So now I go to Walmart so that I don’t feel the desire to buy everything I see. :)

    I have serious commitment issues to color – ok it’s not limited to color alone – just like you. I could never paint a room bright yellow, though I love it in other peoples homes. :) I’m digging those farmers market baskets. I’m considering a little Valentines gift for myself…

    Happy Friday!

    • says

      My sister lives in California so I hit a Target whenever I’m visiting. I know it’s weird not to have one. We’re always excited up here to get new stores. I still remember when Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel came to town and it was exciting. (Oh, I live quite the life…)

  4. Angela Price says

    Currently I am designing a very light and bright kitchen for my new home. These bright accents will be perfect! I am also putting the cabinets in the walk in pantry myself to save some money and planning to paint them to look more custom. I am hoping to paint them a striking color for a bit of a surprise when you walk in. 

  5. says

    I’m serious, Target hit the mark on their design this go around! I always loved them, but this is totally a new level…not copying the paint color…I’m not that brave either. But the accessories…LOVE! I’m so excited Target is spreading to your area…why has it taken them this long!?!? I hope you’re having a GREAT weekend friend! XO, Aimee

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