Holiday Countdown is On! {Week 8}

We’re already on Week 8 of the Holiday Countdown. Only a few more tasks to complete, then you’ll be ready for Christmas!

As mentioned last week, I’m looking for holiday preparations to feature the week before Christmas. If you’ve been working on a holiday related project (big or small), I’d love for you to share it with us! It can be anything, including holiday decorating, baking, crafts, traditions, etc. Just send me an email and I’ll give you all of the details. It’s open to anyone, so don’t be shy!

If you’ve missed any weeks along the way, be sure to catch up on the Holiday Countdown Series.

How Did I Do?

Decorate Your Tree

This year I really enjoyed decorating the tree. Not only did my husband help set it up, but my son also put ribbon on some new turquoise ornaments. They know how detail oriented I am and it was pretty funny to see them being so precise. Of course we had to break out the Boney M Christmas cassette (yes, a cassette)!

There are always a few ornaments that make it on the tree that I’d rather keep in the box. We have this hideous troll ornament my husband got as a kid and every year it’s a joke to move it around the tree. I hide it somewhere and my son finds it and puts it in the most conspicuous spot until I notice and move it again. It’s become a tradition even though it urks the designer in me!

Troll Christmas Ornament

Do Some Baking

I did a Costco run earlier this week and stocked up on chocolate chips, nuts and a few other baking supplies. Over the weekend I made the items for my baking exchange I’ll be doing with a friend later this week. I promise I’ll share the all the recipes and photos with you soon!

Set Up a Gift-Wrapping Station

When we finally build our dream home, I plan on having a craft/sewing room that I can set up a wrapping area in. Until then, I am making the best of it by organizing all of my wrapping supplies in one giant tub. This week I organized all my embellishments (ribbon, bows, etc.) in one plastic container, my gift tags and cards in another and tools (scissors, tape, etc.) in one more. I labelled each one accordingly and placed them all in the giant tub along with rolls of gift wrap, as well as gift bags. Since I have to do my wrapping at the kitchen table, it’s so much easier to pull everything out and put it away when it’s contained.

Holiday Countdown Week 8

Create a Tablescape

Even if you’re not hosting Christmas, there’s something to be said about decorating your table. You can keep it simple or make it as opulent as you like. My table is the focal point when you’re looking from the front entrance, so it’s necessary for it to look good. I usually include a centerpiece, table runner and candles.

Here are some ideas for creating your Christmas tablescape:

Silver and White Christmas Tablescape by It's Overflowing

It’s Overflowing

Modern Christmas Table with Glass Cloches and Branches - Sitting in a Tree Events

Sitting in a Tree Events

Get Ready for Overnight Guests

If you’re hosting Christmas this year or happen to be entertaining overnight guests this season, I recommend you prepare for it now.

Wrap Gifts

Remember the station I recommended you set up last week, well it’s time to put it to use. If you wrap your gifts early, you’ll know if there are any gifts or add-ons you still need to purchase. My son is an only child, but I’ve heard stories from moms who were wrapping gifts for their kids and realized they over-bought for one. As a result, they either need to return items or do some more shopping for the other(s). Don’t let this happen on December 23!

Tomorrow I’m posting fabulous gift-wrapping ideas that you must check out. Here are a couple other ideas:

A big thank you to everyone who has been following this Christmas Countdown series. I appreciate all your wonderful comments. I’m having a blast putting it together and it’s definitely keeping me on my toes! I’d love for you to share what you’ve been doing to prepare for Christmas. Remember I’m doing a reader round-up, so send me your photos and/or ideas and you may be featured. I’d love to see them!

Come back tomorrow and check out more gift wrapping ideas. I even show you how to make your own beautiful paper wrapping paper.

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Enjoy your week!

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