Elements of My Dream Kitchen

Do you have a certain “it” list for your dream kitchen? I’ve started putting mine together. Take a look at my favourite kitchen design elements!

I’ve been dreaming of renovating my kitchen for a long time, and it definitely shows by the number of photos I have in my Kitchens to Covet board on Pinterest. I love how a story starts to come together on the boards as linking elements emerge. I always encourage my clients to gather pictures of rooms they love. Quite often they can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that draws them to a particular photo, but as several come together, there are often similarities that shine through.

For instance, in a recent bathroom renovation I was involved in, the homeowners’ love of clean lines, white subway tile, and soft blue-grey paint was apparent in almost all of the photos they pulled as inspiration. This gave us a clear jumping off point.

Favourite Kitchen Design Elements

If I take a step back and look at the photos of kitchens I’ve bookmarked, pinned, and torn from magazines, there is a definite pattern.

Island with Pendant Lights

To start with, I love a large island with beautiful light fixtures hanging over top. In particular, I’m drawn to oversized pendant fixtures.

Open Shelving with Tile Backsplash

The second thread in kitchens I adore is open shelving with a marble or subway tile backsplash. I imagine my kitchen with loads of white dishes, glassware and pops of seaglass accessories. I envision how beautiful it will sparkle with ceiling lighting washing down from above.

One of my favourite examples is this beautiful kitchen spotted on Better Homes & Gardens with colourful accessories on the shelves.

Glass Cabinet Fronts

Another element that always catches my attention in kitchen design is glass cabinet doors with inside mounted light fixtures. I love the ambience it gives at night, especially during our long Canadian winters.

Painted Cabinets

Finally, the last must-have in my kitchen design is painted cabinets. This will be one of the biggest decisions I make because I’m torn between white and grey. I also love a light blue-green, but I think I’ll save that for the walls.

This Windsor Smith kitchen with medium grey cabinets and open shelving is stunning!

And I’m smitten with this kitchen from August Fields too…

Kitchen Makeover with Schoolhouse Pendants by August Fields

And, of course, you can never go wrong with a classic white farmhouse kitchen. This one belongs to a dear friend of mine. Beautiful, right?!

Classic Kitchen with White Painted Cabinets, Subway Tile Backsplash and Copper Pendants

Do you have a certain “it” list for your dream kitchen? Do we share a love for any of the same elements? I’d love to know what your kitchen must-haves are!

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Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love each and everyone of your selections Shauna!  It takes me back to when you helped me design my dream kitchen.  I was so grateful to have your input!

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