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Classic Living Room Design

Sharing my latest e-design project, which includes a blue and white classic living room design. Check out the design board, space plan, source list and more!

The Client

After reviewing my latest e-design client’s detailed questionnaire, room photos and specifications, as well as getting to know her better via email, I knew this living room design needed to be classic, with a nod to nature.

These are a few of the requirements she gave me:

  • Basically a blank slate, with the exception of a few pictures and accessories
  • Comfortably seat six with the option for more
  • Allow easy flow into the adjoining kitchen/dining room
  • Muted color scheme
  • Reference to birds (she’s an avid bird watcher)

Design Board

Blue and White Classic Living Room Design Board

Space Plan

Living Room Space Plan with Sofa, Chairs, Area Rug and Fireplace

The Details


11. To set the tone for your living room, paint the walls a soft blue-grey, such as SR-27 (Fog) by Para Paints. Paint all trim work in SR-75 (Froth). Both of these are from the Sarah Richardson Collection.


2. Select a large, classic styled sofa, such as 1673-03 from Lee Industries. Upholster in a solid light coloured neutral linen-look fabric (see sample).

1. Choose two identical chairs in a similar style to the sofa, such as 1563-41 from Lee Industries. Upholster in a muted wide stripe neutral linen-look fabric (see sample).

4. Choose two identical accent chairs in a woven texture or combination of fabric and painted wood, such as the Carly chair from Crate & Barrel. Select a large-scale print, such as Vintage Blossom in the Dove painted wood finish. These will add extra seating and the graphic pattern will add interest to the room.

3. Select a large coffee table, such as the Brant from Jayson Home & Garden. This one has a zinc top with a teak base, which is practical, yet stylish.

5. Place a set of metal nesting tables between the two larger chairs, such as the Oly Studio Jonathan Nesting Tables from Layla Grayce. These can be separated when you’re entertaining to act as additional side tables, but store neatly together for everyday. The metal/mirror combination will add interest and sparkle to the room.

For additional seating while entertaining, pull two of your upholstered dining chairs in the living room and place opposite the accent chairs and facing the fireplace.

Area Rug:

6. Select a large 12 x 15 area rug in a natural finish, such as Lommel/C in ivory from Kravet (note: this rug is available through trade only). This will add texture to the room and create a conversation area to place the furniture on.


7. Place a blue-grey colored glass lamp on the large nesting table, such as Arteriors Paige from Layla Grayce. A glass lamp will add sparkle and keep the table looking light.

8. Hang a decorative chandelier or pendant centered within the room above the coffee table, such as the large polished nickel Victorian Hotel Pendant from Restoration Hardware.

Window Treatments:

13. Install drapery rods (about 1-1.25” diameter) in a silver finish with simple finials on the window, such as PB Standard Oversized Drape Rod from Pottery Barn. The brackets should be installed about 8” outside the casing to make the windows appear larger and high enough so that the top of the rod sits about 5” from the ceiling to make the ceiling look higher.

Choose a wide stripe fabric that incorporates the colour used on the sofa, such as 8950-16 from Kravet- see sample (note: this fabric is available through trade only). This will bring the colour palette together and add subtle interest. I suggest flat panel drapes hung with loop rings for a classic look. The panels don’t have to be fully functional by closing all the way. Your blinds act as proper light control. Depending on the weight of the fabric, they will likely only need to be one fabric width wide (about 50”) and should just touch the floor when they are hung.

Decorative Elements:

9. Hang a round decorative mirror centered about 6” above the mantel of your fireplace, such as the Gabby from Layla Grayce. Hang two framed art pieces stacked on top of each other between the windows behind the sofa, such as Vintage Bird art from Saturated Color on Etsy. The split between the two pieces should be approximately at eye level.

10. Place three or five different sized decorative pillows in differing patterns on the sofa. Choose fabric colors a shade or two darker than the sofa fabric and wall color, such as Thomas Paul Solid Dove Linen Pillow (left), Bliss Studio Kaze Felt Appliqué Pillow (right) and Dwell Studio Home Diamond Gate Azure Pillow (bottom) from Layla Grayce. Add a lumbar style pillow in a similar style fabric to each large chair.

12. Place a collection of decorative boxes and jars on the coffee table, such as the Flower Bone Boxes and the White Crackle Jars from Williams Sonoma Home. You could also add a stack of large decorative hard cover books (birds, nature, etc. or another one of your interests). Place a decorative wooden object on the side of the mirror hung above the mantel, such as the Aidan Gray Decor Post Finial from Layla Grayce. You can also add your existing glass candleholders with white candles to add sparkle, but keep it simple.

Add your own personal touches to the room, such as a few of the small-framed photos you have and fresh cut flowers from your garden.

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Note: Client’s details (such as budget breakdown, profile, etc.) have been excluded for confidentiality reasons. This plan is a snapshot of one of our E-Design packages and does not showcase all components in order to respect the fees associated with our services. All designs and images are property of Satori Design for Living.

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  1. Holy heavens! To have a talent like you pull together an entire you is a dream! Lucky client! Not only do I love the service and detail you’ve provided, but the room itself is sure to be gorgeous in the end. 

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