One Room Challenge Office Makeover {Week Three}

I’m a bit late getting my office makeover post up this week for the One Room Challenge, but preparing to host Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend seemed to take precedence. As mentioned on week one, my goal wasn’t to totally transform my office, but to tackle those smaller projects that seemed to be taunting me on a daily basis. With that being said, I think I’m still on track.


One Room Challenge Linking Participant


After tackling my desk drawers last week, I decided to carry on with the organizing component of this makeover, and began tearing apart the lower section of the closet. Like the drawers, I realized a good portion of the stuff could go. I ended up shredding a whole garbage bag of papers and returned a box of tile samples from past client projects. Now there’s some breathing space!

My next task is painting and/or wallpapering the bland and boring file cabinet to look much prettier like Chelsea’s.


stenciled file cabinet- Two Twenty One


As I was out sourcing this week, I  tried to find some pretty file boxes to replace our blue plastic ones. Who knew this would be so difficult? Apparently our office supply stores in Canada don’t want us to be stylish! This may be another DIY added to the list- gheesh!

One thing I was successful with this week was nailing down the lighting for the ceiling and desk. I ordered a crystal chandelier to add a little sparkle and picked up a nickel task lamp that’s part of Ikea’s new line. (Don’t worry, I’m not ditching the gourd lamp I picked up at the salvage shop. I’m just moving it!)


Manor Court Crystal 4-arm Chandelier

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Finding it Hard to Let Go of Clutter?

Over the weekend I was visiting my husband’s aunt and noticed she had a large stack of boxes and bags in her mudroom filled with items she wanted to donate. For the past few weeks she’s been going through each room with a fine tooth comb, culling the stuff she felt she no longer had a need for and was taking up unnecessary space in her home. I have to say I was a bit surprised at the change since she has always been someone who liked to hang onto stuff “just in case” or for the sentimental value. After talking with her for a bit, I realized she was at a point in her life when she was ready to downsize and start a new chapter. Her sudden urge to let go of stuff started to make sense to me.


Tips to help let go of clutter.


I think most of us get to a point when we’re ready to let go of the stuff that causes clutter. I know I’ve done several large purges in my life (especially before moving or during a renovation), as well as smaller ones every couple of months. It’s something I’ve built in as part of my regular cleaning and maintenance routine, and I find it comes quite naturally to me (with most items). However, I know in working with some people on organizing projects, just the thought of getting rid of anything causes anxiety. They’ve formed some sort of attachment to stuff, and breaking that cycle can be very challenging.

If your heart starts beating a little faster when you think about cleaning out your closet, the basement or the garage, you’re probably someone who has a clutter problem (big or small). You may not be willing to admit it, but rather than feeling like you’re in charge of your stuff, you’re probably feeling as though your stuff is in charge of you. Chances are, your clutter is leading to feelings of guilt, procrastination and fear. Intellectually you know it’s time to address the issue, but you’re feeling stuck.

In most cases, clutter is the result of not having clarity or being indecisive. One of the best places to start is to create a vision for your life. Ask yourself some important questions: What is truly important? What do I love doing? What makes me happy? The answers to each of these will help you determine which items bring you energy (align with your life vision) and which items drain your energy (hold you back from achieving your life vision).


Organized Closet with turquoise wallpaper


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New Kitchen Storage and Mabel’s Labels Giveaway!

Since mid-January, I’ve been going through closets, cabinets, drawers, and our pantry to weed out anything we don’t use, give everything a thorough cleaning, and re-organize as necessary. It’s always a big job, but I love how fresh and airy everything feels when it’s done.

Although our pantry was fairly well organized, I was tired of food in bags and boxes falling over and going stale when they weren’t properly closed (not pointing any fingers!). The same thing was happening in the fridge, and I needed to come up with a better food storage solution.


Food Storage Labels by Mabel's Labels


Coincidence or not, around the same time I was reorganizing our pantry, Mabel’s Labels contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their new household labels. Being the organizing enthusiast I am, I immediately jumped at the chance since I love to label everything! These labels are not only stylish, but they’re also dishwasher, microwave, and UV safe. I’m on board with anything that’s low maintenance and makes life a little easier.


Household Labels by Mabel's Labels

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Organizing Tips on Living Savvy

Hey everyone! Today I’m soaking up the sun with my family (Hallelujah!), but I wanted to pop in to let you know my friend Tiffany is hosting Organizing Month once again. As you may recall, I participated in last year’s and I’m back again to share some of my best ideas and tips for organized living. This time I’m focusing on how to stay organized after you’ve gone through all the effort to get there.

Organizing Ideas and Tips

While you’re at Living Savvy, also be sure to check out Tiffany’s tutorials including paint, sewing, and craft projects. She’s definitely a talented gal!

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Back to School {Everyday Made Easy}

It’s that time of year again when the kiddos are heading back to school. My son is in grade 12, so he’s pretty self-sufficient. Over the years, I’ve stepped back more and more, allowing him to share a bigger portion of the day-to-day responsibilities that come along with getting to and from school and everything else in between. Basically, if I keep the fridge and pantry stocked with healthy food, he’s good to go!

Although we’re at the far end of the spectrum in our house, I realize that many of you have younger kids and school days can be complicated. While I was reading a few blogs and magazines this past week, I came across a variety of smart ideas that may work for you to get things running a little smoother at your house.

Jen over at IHeart Organizing has gone over and above to make sure getting her three small kids off to school is undemanding. I love how clothes are planned out for the week on Sundays and lunch and snack baskets are kept in the fridge for easy grabbing. Very clever!

Organizing Kid's Clothes for the Week {IHeart Organizing}

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