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Designer Challenge: Which Sofa? {Part Two}

In this version of the Designer Challenge, Sabrina was given 3 sofa options to select from and designed a room around one of them.

Welcome to Part Two of the Designer Challenge, sofa edition! Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Sabrina from Pink Little Notebook.

Sabrina’s blog is all about her journey of rediscovering her creative passions. You can expect to find a lot of DIY, thrifting, decorating and more. Be sure to check out her room before and afters, especially her beautiful home office- so jealous!  (If you missed Part One, check out Alicia’s living room decorating ideas.)

Sabrina From Pink Little Notebook

Hey all, Sabrina from Pink Little Notebook here!

Today, I’m so excited to share my top pick for Designer Challenge: Which Sofa (part two). There is nothing I love more than decorating a room and putting my own spin on it so when Shauna presented these three options, I nearly died. How beautiful are these sofas?!

Designer Challenge Sofa Options

Which Sofa?

When it came down to choosing from these three options, I was stumped. Deep down, I’m a vintage-type gal and naturally I’m drawn to tufted sofas, but that Montauk Emmanuelle sofa (option 3)—O.M.G. I’m in love with the gorgeous curves and the lushness of the cushions. It’s the type of sofa you just want to make yourself comfortable in. So yes, Montauk Emmanuelle, you won me over.

I immediately began envisioning a well designed, elegant room. Something fun yet comfortable. Something old but modern. Something soft but bold. I’m definitely all over the place when it comes to styles. That’s why I love mixing a little of bit of everything. Here is what I came up with: Elegance with a Dash of Darling!

Elegance with a Dash of Darling Living Room Mood Board

Living Room Decorating Details

Let’s start with the sofa. Of course, you want to make it the focal point of the room so I would enhance this piece by either placing the sofa in front of a large window in your home or use wall decor similar to the items above.

Accent cushions in sophisticated colours and patterns will add to the elegant look of the room. Have a little more fun with the art work, use black and white photos or pull in a hint of colour like blush pink.

When it comes to accessories, vintage seating with a tufted back will fit seamlessly with the good looking curves of the Montauk Emmanuella sofa. Instead of using a traditional coffee table, I would opt for a large chest with gold accents.

I’m loving the organic look right now so a light shade with a tree branch stem and woven baskets are a must. The chandelier just meshes everything together. This silver antler lighting is the perfect twist between rustic and modern.

What do you think? Is mixing styles your thing?

Mixing styles is definitely for me, Sabrina! The soft grey paired with the pink is absolutely gorgeous. And the touch of vintage- ahhhhhhh!

Now tell me, is this the sofa you’d pick to design a room around or would you select the Charleston like Alicia did? Which one speaks to you?

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P.S. Want to partake in an upcoming Designer Challenge? Shoot me an email.

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