New Kitchen Storage and Mabel’s Labels Giveaway!

Since mid-January, I’ve been going through closets, cabinets, drawers, and our pantry to weed out anything we don’t use, give everything a thorough cleaning, and re-organize as necessary. It’s always a big job, but I love how fresh and airy everything feels when it’s done.

Although our pantry was fairly well organized, I was tired of food in bags and boxes falling over and going stale when they weren’t properly closed (not pointing any fingers!). The same thing was happening in the fridge, and I needed to come up with a better food storage solution.


Food Storage Labels by Mabel's Labels


Coincidence or not, around the same time I was reorganizing our pantry, Mabel’s Labels contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their new household labels. Being the organizing enthusiast I am, I immediately jumped at the chance since I love to label everything! These labels are not only stylish, but they’re also dishwasher, microwave, and UV safe. I’m on board with anything that’s low maintenance and makes life a little easier.


Household Labels by Mabel's Labels

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Design Client Project Updates

How is your week going? I’ve been balancing a couple of my own projects, as well as working on a few for clients. I like to be busy, especially when my husband is traveling for business. It always makes the time go by faster and I’m better able to focus when he isn’t here to distract me (miss you honey!).

I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what I currently have on the go. One of my clients is totally gutting a bungalow and has hired me to select many of the interior finishes, including paint colors, lighting, and tile for the kitchen backsplash, entrances, as well as three bathrooms. Most of the design decisions have been finalized and we’re waiting for the contractor to prep everything for installation. Here are a couple photos taken from the front entrance. I love how open the whole main floor is.


Bungalow Great Room Renovation


Bungalow Renovation- Hallway and Bathroom

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Holiday Countdown Series Recap {Week Two}

Last week I kicked off the Holiday Countdown Series, which is a recap of last year’s plan for staying on track while preparing for Christmas.

Holiday Countdown Series on Satori Design for Living


I was happy to hear that many of you are planning on following along and want to thank you for spreading the word. If you wrote (or plan on writing) about your own holiday preparations, make sure you send me the link and I’ll add it to next Friday’s post (same goes for each week leading up to Christmas).

Since last Friday, I have been working on a few projects I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. I am up to date on last week’s list, except the Christmas lights, which will hopefully be going up this weekend (weather pending). To tell you the truth, all I had to do this week was plant my bulbs, since we had already completed the other items on last week’s list beforehand. Rita from Harbour Breeze Home told me about planting bulbs in a glass jar or vase with water and no soil. I decided to look into it a little further and I’m giving it a try this season. I’ll be sharing it in a blog post next week.



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Organizing 101: The Pantry

A pantry can be the storage savior of your kitchen. However, without a sound method for organizing, it can quickly become an out of control mess that is difficult to navigate. Following a few simple steps will help you to reclaim, reorganize, and maintain your pantry.

Organized Pantry


1) Take Stock

Pull everything out of your pantry onto your kitchen table, island or countertop. Leave an area open to sort items later.

As you pull items out, set aside anything you no longer use or items that are broken. Toss any food items that have passed their expiry date or have been in the pantry for quite a while and are questionable. Donate any other food items you no longer want to the food bank.

2) Group Items

Divide the items you have pulled out of your pantry into themes such as small appliances, body & health, beverages, vinegars & oils, baking, sweet snacks, salty snacks, canned meals, canned vegetables, canned fruits, breakfast, seasonings, etc.

Give each theme a name that makes sense to you and your family.

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