Simply Organized Sanctuary

This home organization package is the perfect solution for you if you:

–> Want a cleverly and beautifully organized home.

–> Are overwhelmed by the disorganization and clutter, and don’t know where or how to start.

–> Have tried tackling your clutter and getting things organized on your own but haven’t had much success.

–> Need help determining what should stay in a room and what needs to go.

–> Want to DIY (or most of it), but need assistance with developing a plan of action tailored to you.

–> Require someone to develop a plan with your budget in mind.

–> Need someone to call for support when you hit roadblocks during the process.

The Room Organization Process

Step one: Questionnaire & Pre-Assessment – Email us and we’ll send you a brief Prospective Organizing Client Questionnaire along with a few details. After you’ve submitted the questionnaire and we’ve both determined we’re a good match, we’ll agree on a time to meet for an on-site assessment.

Step two: Analysis – After we’ve received your deposit, we’ll complete a Client Analysis on site (getting to know you, your style, budget, timeline, etc.) as well as a Room Analysis (what’s staying, what’s going, size, shape, attributes, etc.). In addition, we will continue to ask questions via email throughout the planning process to ensure we’re on the same page.

Step three: The Plan – In about 2 to 3 weeks from the initial visit, you will receive:

Personalized Comprehensive Plan (visual and written) including:

  • mood board, including recommended storage and decor items
  • room map (visual aid for implementing the plan)
  • organizing systems- step-by step and how-to
  • decorating ideas to freshen up the space
  • a list of sources and suppliers
  • suggestions for addressing and managing clutter
  • educational materials for continued success

Step four: Support- ½ hour phone consultation OR email support for one week following receipt of plans (average of one email per day). We will also continue to send you weekly/monthly follow up emails for a period of time to facilitate accountability and results.

Step five: Additional Support (optional) – If you still have questions or require additional support in implementing the SOS plan, we are available on an hourly basis.

Please contact us for information about our fees and policies.

Read About an Organizing Project

Need help organizing on an hourly basis? We do that too!

Whether you need help addressing your master closet or require a better storage solution for your seasonal decorations, we can help out with almost any organizing project.

Contact us for more information.