This online design package is the perfect solution for you if you:

Live outside the area we normally service, but want a Satori Signature room design plan.

Imagine creating a room that truly reflects your life and style preferences.

Want to be involved in the design process, but need someone to take the lead.

Desire the polished look of a professionally designed room without the hourly fees.

Are overwhelmed by the choice of materials and finishes and don’t know where or how to start.

Require assistance figuring out what existing elements and materials can be used and what needs to be modified or replaced.

Want to Do-It –Yourself, but need assistance with developing a plan of action tailored to you.

Look forward to rolling up your sleeves and having fun implementing the design.

Need someone to contact for support if you hit roadblocks during the process.

What You Get

You will receive the design package approximately 3-4 weeks from the time all required components are submitted.

Personalized Comprehensive Design Plan (visual and written) including (all those applicable):

    • mood board
    • space plan/ furniture arrangement
    • architectural details
    • furniture selections
    • lighting recommendations
    • flooring and ceiling treatments
    • window treatment options
    • fabric selections
    • paint or wall finishes
    • storage solutions
    • styling- artwork and accessories
    • Pictures and measurements of suggested room components, paint and fabric swatches, as well as additional samples.
    • A detailed list of resources and suppliers (local and online), including trade-only if specified (Note: If you are interested in purchasing trade-only furniture and furnishings, or items from stores offering a trade discount, we can make arrangements to purchase items on your behalf and have them delivered to your home. We can discuss trade discount policies at that time.
    • Support- ½ hour phone consultation OR email support for one week following receipt of plans (average of one email per day).

Sample E-Design Kit | Satori Design for Living

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How it Works

      1. Contact us to let us know which room you are interested in having design plans created for, along with a brief description, and we’ll determine the pricing level.
      2. Once you’re on board, we will send you an invoice and you can submit your payment using Paypal, e-transfer or by sending a cheque.
      3. Complete the detailed questionnaire, which will be emailed to you after payment has been received.
      4. Email photos, inspiration materials and measurements of your room following the simple guidelines we will outline for you.

What’s Next?

When we have received your questionnaire, payment, photos, inspiration materials and room measurements, we will begin the design process and will contact you via email along the way to ensure we’re on the same page. It is important for you to regularly respond to emails to ensure your plans are created within the estimated timeframe.

After the design plan is complete, a personalized package will be mailed directly to you. Next, we will schedule a ½ hour phone consultation to discuss the plan and answer any additional questions you may have about the room. As an option to the phone call, you can ask questions via email for one week following receipt of plans (average one email per day).

Note: Additional support in implementing the E-Design plan is available on an hourly basis.

Room Type Guideline

      • Level one:  (front entrance, hallway, powder room, etc.)
      • Level two:  (bedroom, home office, small bathroom, dining room)
      • Level three:  (master bedroom, living room, kitchen, ensuite)
      • Level four:  (bonus room, basement rec room, loft)

Note: These are approximate guidelines and level of pricing can only be determined after square footage and room details have been considered.

Contact us for pricing or if you have any other questions about our E-design Kit.

E-Design Policies

We accept PayPal or e-transfer as method of payment.

E-Design requires full payment prior to the start of the design process.

Satori Design for Living takes great care to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional service. As a result, we do not provide refunds or exchanges on the purchase of our E-Design Kits.

Just need a mood board or space plan? We do that too!

If you only require one, two, three… components of our E-Design Kit, we have à la carte services. All of our packages are customizable to suit your needs.

Email and Phone Consultation Options

Only have a few questions you need answered? We can set up a time to address everything over the phone or by email. This option is available with a minimum ½ hour charge starting at $40.

Please contact us for more information.