What some of Shauna’s design and decorating clients have to say about working with her:

Made everything so much easier, not to mention stress-free

“I contacted Shauna after having moved into our new home. I was a stay at home mom of two small children and the thought of shopping for those few new things was tiring and overwhelming. I was also hosting Christmas that year and was desperate to increase and update my seating in the living room and kitchen.

It was after talking with Shauna that I realized she was capable of helping me so much more. My initial visit with Shauna helped her identify who I was and how I wanted to use my space. Then she worked her magic and developed a plan that included floor plans, narrowed down selections, price comparisons, and detailed lists of how to achieve the space I was pinning for. She even brought samples to my home during naptime and made the process seem effortless! Her creative flair fit perfectly with my personality and lifestyle.

Shauna helped me conquer a task that I wouldn’t have achieved on my own. I still have a list of little things to work away at, but for me that is part of the fun. I will be calling Shauna again to work on another room. I just can’t decide which one to do next!”
Heidi W., Okotoks, Alberta

You helped me create a warm and inviting home

“I contacted Satori Design for Living after I moved into my condo. As a new homeowner, I felt overwhelmed trying to decorate the space on my own because of its open-concept design challenges. Shauna took the time to find out what I liked and the feel I wanted the condo to have. While working with her, I never once felt she was trying to turn my new space in to her own vision. It was a definite collaboration. She developed a well thought out plan that I was able to apply at my own pace on a tight budget, turning an empty condo into a warm inviting home.”
Alison M., Calgary, Alberta

I had to tell my friends

“I contacted Shauna for a consultation on furniture purchase/placement in my new home. Not only did I receive a detailed report of her recommendations with everything from types/sizes of furniture to colors and textures, but I also received inspiration pictures of each room I needed help with. Consequently, I referred Shauna to two other friends!”
Peggy L., Calgary, Alberta

An amazing solution to a problem

“I recently downsized from a large house to a condo with a smaller kitchen. As I love to cook and bake, I was struggling with how to organize my kitchen to ensure the flow was seamless. Shauna was an amazing solution to the problem. She worked with me to determine how often I use a product or piece of cookware (for ease of access and best use of space) and transformed my kitchen in to a functional space. I would highly recommend Satori Design for Living for any job- large or small!”
Helen T., Calgary, Alberta

You nailed what I love (via Facebook)

Merna Throne: Simply superb advice! ♥ March 12 at 6:40am
Merna Throne: Love Love Love your ideas. Wow, you have a gift! You nailed what I love without seeing the room……that is amazing! ♥ I almost want to save all this work for when I move and probably will. We will see… March 12 at 6:41am
Satori Design for Living: I am very happy to hear you love it. It was fun to do. Good luck with the transformation! March 12 at 9:15am
Merna Throne: OMG! This is awesome! And you didn’t even see pictures~ GREAT GREAT ideas that I would not have thought of. You NAILED what I love. You are the BEST and thanks soo much! ♥♥ March 12 at 6:40am
Satori Design for Living: You’re very welcome. I’m sure you’ll end up with a beautiful office space that allows you to do amazing work! March 12 at 9:18am
Merna Throne, Author & Success Coach, www.pocketofpearls.com

Ideas I had not thought of

“I contacted Shauna to give me ideas on how to finish two different areas in my new home. I was very pleased with the prompt response I received from her and the very detailed suggestions she provided. She gave me drawings with ideas that I had not thought of and gave me great resources so I could purchase the items she suggested. I really liked that she offered me two or three options in furniture placement and color combinations. I definitely would like to use Shauna again.”
Patty E., North Dakota

Before I was so lost

“Wow, wow, wow! Shauna did an incredible job! She really got into my head (scary thought) and came up with ideas that will work for our setting (country), lifestyle (lazy) and budget (frugal). She got me thinking of so many things we can do with our space, whereas before I was so lost. Shauna’s suggestions will definitely add value to our home.”
Sarah D., www.journeysofthezoo.com

We are finally excited

“Thank you very much for coming and helping us plan our place. It was extremely helpful and we feel much better about everything. We are finally excited about our paint color and will definitely recommend you to our friends!”
Matt & Lauren M., Okotoks, Alberta

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