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Shauna currently offers interior decorating services, as well as customized advertising opportunities for companies that are looking to successfully reach a new audience.

A Little Clarification, Please! (Consultation)

Sometimes you just need a second opinion or to be pointed in the right direction. Perhaps you’re like many homeowners and you’ve had Edgecomb Gray, Potter’s Clay, and Stone House paint swatches taped to your kitchen wall for over a month, but you still can’t decide on a color. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a bold wallpaper print, but you’re not quite sure where to hang it. Or possibly you’re getting ready to list your home for sale, but you don’t know how to appeal to a buyer’s eye. You are stuck, you’re afraid to make the wrong decision, and you’re running out of enthusiasm.

A Little Clarification, Please! Consultation service is designed to give you the clarity and motivation to finally move forward with your project(s). After Shauna’s on-site visit, you’ll be left with the tools you need to take the next step and bring your vision for the space to life.

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Satori Signature (Room Design Plan)

Can you relate to this? For months you’ve been collecting pictures from magazines and watching episodes of HGTV. You’ve always dreamed of creating a space in your home for your children to play and use their imaginations. You tried making the basement more inviting, but there’s no way your kids will claim this dark and scary place as their own. You’re too busy being “mom” to be able to update the space, but you’re tired of toys, crayons, and scuffs all over the main floor of your home.

From concept to completion, Satori Signature Room Design is a comprehensive package that gives the step-by-step details you require to transform your space, whether you’re starting with a blank slate or working with an existing space. Shauna takes the guesswork out so you can move ahead with confidence. The customized plans reflect the notion that design isn’t about keeping up with or being the Jonses. It’s about being authentically YOU and feeling at home.

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E-Design Package

Shauna’s E-design Package is an option for clients who live outside the Okotoks and Calgary, Alberta area who want a Satori Signature Room Design plan. The process simple. All of the ideas and details you need to decorate any room in your home will be packaged up and sent directly to you.

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Don’t see anything quite right?

Shauna can customize a package that works best for you. Contact us for more information.

What do our clients think of our work?

At Satori Design for Living, many projects come from referrals by previous clients Shauna has worked with in the past. Customer satisfaction is very important!

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Is your company looking to reach a new audience?

Partnering with Satori Design for Living is an excellent way to advertise your business, blog or online shop. Blog readership is continually growing and consists primarily of women 25-45 who are looking for smart ideas and stylish products to enhance their lives.

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