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Time to Refresh

Yesterday was Family Day in Alberta, and as mentioned on Friday, we extended it to be a bit of a family week. Because my husband travels A LOT  for work, we really wanted to spend some quality time together in a hot destination soaking up the sun (we are from Canada after all), sipping a few cocktails, and doing whatever our little hearts desired.

Beach Vacation in Mexico

I think what’s so fantastic about vacations is being able to escape from the everyday *to-do list that often becomes an energy-drainer, especially this time of year. Do you feel it? I love that I’m able to let go of responsibility for a short time and “just go with it” (something my type A personality has difficulty doing in real life!). I feel so grateful for the opportunity.

To Do List

It’s been a blast so far, and I can’t wait to bring this feeling of being refreshed back with me. Just like I’ve been getting rid of the clutter and junk in our house the past couple months, I needed to do the same with myself. Sometimes I forget about this and let “stuff” accumulate and weigh me down. Almost a week’s worth of “cleaning” and now I feel like I have the inspiration to move forward with so many projects I was feeling stuck on. Amen!

Hasta pronto,

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  1. Oh that beach photo looks soooo nice – sigh – and it’s cleaning time around here too, nice to get rid of the junk!!

  2. Oh, how wonderful!  I’m so happy for you!  We’re planning our first ever tropical getaway, too.  {Shhh…it’s still a big ol’ secret!  Ha!:)}

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