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New Front Door Paint Color or Leave it?

Time to add curb appeal. Do we keep the same front door paint color or do we switch it up with one of these blue or blue-green front door colors? Weigh in!

How’s your summer going so far? I spent most of last week outdoors staining the deck and prepping the fence for a new coat. Both took a terrible beating last year during a huge hail storm, so pulling out the paint brushes again was inevitable. It’s not the best of jobs, but the results are so worth it. One day soon we’ll be enjoying a lazy afternoon relaxing in our loungers! What book do you suggest I start reading?

After the back yard is finished up, my focus will switch to the front of our house. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve touched up the stain on our front porch, so it’s definitely time. Here’s what it looked like back then:

Front Porch with Grey Shutters and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Door

I plan on sticking with the same shades of grey for the porch shutters and trim, but I am considering a new front door paint color. Currently, it’s Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, a dark grey with a bit of a blue undertone. It’s lovely, but there are times when I feel like I’m ready for something a bit different. Maybe?

Over the years, I’ve changed up the decor seasonally, which has kept me going. Perhaps that’s all I need to do again.

Or, perhaps, I should leave the front door as is and paint the yellow bench a different color instead? It was a bold choice for me back then, but it still does a good job of waking up the space. I’ve had so many offers on that bench, but it’s from the farm I grew up. I don’t think I could ever part with it. I feel it adds a bit of character too.

Grey Front Porch with Bright Yellow Painted Bench and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Front Door

If this was your front porch, what would you do? In a nutshell, what color should I paint my front door (if any)? Black? Navy? Aqua? Blue-grey? Something else?

I’m definitely open to new paint color suggestions, so send any ideas you may have my way. However, I won’t do anything too crazy like bright purple or orange. It’s just not me.

Front Door Paint Color Options I’m Considering:

Front Door Paint Colors - Blue, Blue-Green and Charcoal

In the meantime, here are some lovely front door paint colors I’ve found as inspiration that I thought you may enjoy too. Take advantage of the beautiful weather to add some curb appeal to your home! Perfect if you’re asking, what color should I paint my front porch?!

Front Door Paint Color Inspiration Pics

I love how fresh this DecoArt Nantucket Grey Door by The Casual Craftlete looks against the white trim.

Front Porch Makeover with DecoArt Nantucket Grey Door by The Casual Craftlete

Brick siding and blue doors often pair well together. The Inspired Hive made a good decision going with this DecoArt Williamsburg Blue Front Door Color. Agree?

DecoArt Willamsburg Blue Front Door with Brick Siding by The Inspired Hive

Looking for a classic front door color? You may want to consider DecoArt Colonial Black. Craftberry Bush did a beautiful job painting and styling her front porch.

DecoArt Colonial Black Front Door by Craftberry Bush

Prefer a bold color? Isn’t this Mustard Yellow Front Door by Lolly Jane fun?!

Mustard Front Door Paint with Colorful Front Porch Decor by Lolly Jane - Jackson Square by Valspar

This Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Door by The Wicker House definitely caught my attention. I may have to add this blue-green color to my list!

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Door by The Wicker House

Then again, this Buxton Blue Benjamin Moore Front Door by Finding Silver Pennies is absolutely gorgeous. I love how she painted her shutters to match.

Buxton Blue Benjamin Moore Front Door and Shutters by Finding Silver Pennies

Of course, there are these beautiful front door paint colors you can check out too if you’re looking for a few more options. I always find real-life inspiration pictures to be a good guide. If you find a door color that stands out to you and the home’s exterior is similar to yours, then it’s probably a good fit. Take a look at the post to get a few more tips to select the best color for your front door. There are many factors to consider.

So, do you have any outdoor projects you’re currently working on? Looking for a new front door paint color too? Let’s cross our fingers the weather cooperates so we can enjoy some downtime this summer. The season seems to come and go so quickly!

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  1. I think a nice rich teal colour would look really nice with the greyish undertones of the wood on the porch. A darker teal shade than the sample door colour you posted.( I suppose you noticed how I spelled “colour” and “greyish”….hahah! That’s how we spell them in Canada ??

    1. I’m looking at Marea Baja by Sherwin Williams. It’s a deeper blue with a bit of teal (see update in post). A pretty option. (And, yes, I’m Canadian too. You may have noticed my spelling is all over the place since many readers are from the US).

  2. Worn Turquoise

    What looks turquoise on one door can look completely gray or blue on another. It all depends on lighting. That’s why i took my samples straight to my door and looked in the morning and the afternoon. Worn Turquoise was the one! I love it.

    1. Yes, that’s what I always do. The Wrought Iron I have definitely has a blue undertone on our door, yet not on others. I checked out the Worn Turquoise online and it’s very pretty. I think I’ll pick up that swatch too. Thanks for your input!

  3. What if you did #5 for the door and #3 for the bench and then you could bring a lot of different colors with pillows on the bench.

    1. Yes, there are some of those colours that would require painting both the bench and door. I guess I need to decide if I’m wanting to go for it or just change one for now. Thanks for stopping by and weighing in!

  4. Well Shauna, I love #4 on the chip card! It will add a little punch without being a prima donna, a perfect in between. It will work with your sun-shiny yellow bench left as is. I don’t think you should change that out!

    1. That’s one of my frontrunners. It’s rich, yet will still work with so many other colours. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend :)

  5. My vote would be for the Wrought Iron because our new doors are Black and I absolutely Love them. I just think it looks so classy. As my son inlaw would say “your fancy like that”. Lol

    1. Ha, ha, you are! I do like the colour we currently have but sometimes I think something light and airy would be more welcoming. Something to think about, for sure!

  6. Wanderlust by Behr is beautiful! I’m between that and Espresso Beans right now. Time to get rid of the dark red from the previous owner!!

  7. Painted our front door Wythe Blue a couple of years ago and who knew something so simple could be so much fun. The color changes a bit throughout the day and just makes me happy. Not green, but not blue. Just really pretty. Great depth of color and in a semigloss on the outside door, it just glows.

    My ode to Wythe Blue! Don’t know if you painted your door yet but that’s the color that gets my vote. We just bought a new house & I will be repainting the door Wythe Blue.

    1. I’m also looking at Wythe Blue for my front door. My house is white. What color are your shutters?

      1. Hi Debbie, Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue is pretty! Our shutters were painted when we moved in, but they basically match the Behr Pewter solid stain we have on our front porch. Hope this helps :)

  8. I have a brick home with black shutters. The front door is painted black from when we just moved in. I’m thinking about either a red or one of the blues from your color chart. Possibly number 3.
    What are your thoughts.

  9. My house has beige siding and gray porch rails. What color shutters and front door would look best?

    1. Hi Pam, I think you’re talking about the double doors painted by my friends over at Lolly Jane? If so, the mustard color is Jackson Square by Valspar. Hope this helps :)

  10. I am looking for a grey for my shutters for a white painted brick. Can you tell me What color are these shutters?

  11. I live near the beach. The house I just bought is white with ugly apricot colored shutters. I want to paint the shutters and the front door some kind of turquoise blue. Can you suggest something?

  12. Love the calm wythe blue, thinking of red painting outside double french doors on our cedar log cabin… ready for change! These are opposite on color wheel i think and will be nice… red was great for awhile but very common to log homes.

  13. Hi there. I’m purchasing a small 2-story cape style home in the NE. It’s boxy and in need of some curb appeal. I thought I’d start with the front door…What color front door would you suggest please…siding is a pale yellow/cream, trim is white. Considering a lighter blue but fear making the small house look cheap and flimsy…it’s almost like it needs a richer tone if that makes sense…to ground it??

    1. Hi Keri, Yes, I would go with a deeper blue-black color for a bit of richness. Pick up a few swatches in those shades and try them out at different times of the day. I’m certain you’ll find one that seems just right.

  14. Our house is a two story. The exterior is field stone, blues and grey tones. The door is solid and framed on both sides and the top with glass. All white. Veranda and posts also painted white. I would like to paint the door a color. What colour would you suggest? I’m thinking the blue?

  15. I am moving into a new home that is farmhouse style on outside, white siding, with a black garage, black door, and black stone work on the lower half of either side of the door. I don’t like the black but the only thing they said I could have changed is the front door color. What colors would you suggest to soften a home like that with so much black?

  16. My house has two entrances on the front. Should I paint shutters and both doors the same color or paint the two doors a different color. I wasn’t sure
    How that would look? I’ve never seen a house with TWO different entrances with a color different than shutters.

  17. Hi, I am looking at Marea Baja for my front door. If you used it could you post a pic or update with the color you did choose.

  18. Hi my house is a light gray with white shutters. I am going nuts trying to decide what color to paint my front door. It currently is red and I need I’m not crazy about it. I don’t know if I should go with a light color like SW Rainwashed or go with a deeper color like SW Drizzle. I want to go with a bluish green color. Please help me!

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