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Marble Quartz Countertop Options for Our Kitchen

Planning on installing a marble quartz countertop in your kitchen? Take a look at the higher/lower price point options we’ve narrowed it down to for our kitchen with off-white Bodbyn IKEA cabinets.

Can you believe it’s mid-October already? It seems like ever since we started this main floor renovation back in June, time has flown by so quickly! Every day there’s a long to-do list, so I haven’t been able to share the process as much as I had originally planned. My apologies! If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you probably have a pretty good idea of what’s been going on around our house the past few months.

Main Floor Renovation Progress

If you’ve tackled your own renovation, then you likely know it usually takes longer to complete than first anticipated. We’ve certainly had some bumps along the road, but we seem to be back on track.

The painting will be finished up this week, then the kitchen countertops can go in. Next will be the installation of our sink and faucet! Not having a kitchen sink has by far been the most challenging part of living through this renovation. Ugh!

So many of you have been asking to see progress pictures and I do promise to share renovation updates for each room as I can. At times, I’ve barely been able to stay ahead of trades, so blogging, unfortunately, has been put on the back burner. Thankfully, things are settling down (including the dust!). Thanks for being so patient.

Marble Quartz Countertop Options

As some of you know, I narrowed our quartz countertop selection down to two options last week. The original plan for the kitchen was to install Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone, since we’re thrilled with our Stone Grey Caesarstone countertop in the basement. However, my supplier showed me some other options from a different company called TCE Stone that also look a bit like marble.

Marble Quartz Countertop Samples - TCE Stone 4005 - Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone

The quartz countertop sample on the left is TCE Stone 4005, which has a bit more pronounced veining with a slightly cooler white background.

The sample on the right is Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone, which is more subtle in veining and a bit warmer in undertone.

Marble Quartz Countertop Samples Side by Side - TCE STONE 4005 - Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone

Although the IKEA Bodbyn cabinets we installed are a warm white, we preferred the contrast and added interest of the TCE Stone (as did some of you) next to them.

The best part is, TCE Stone is noticeably less expensive than Caesarstone, which means my kitchen lighting budget just went up (perhaps!).

Marble Quartz Countertop Options for Our Kitchen - TCE Stone 4005 - Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone

Seeing Our Quartz Slab in Person

I was a bit concerned about how the veining and colour appeared over the entire countertop, so our supplier suggested going to the warehouse to look at the actual slab we’d be purchasing.

TCE Stone 4005 Quart Slab

The trip into the city put my mind at ease! Thankfully, there was quite a bit of white mixed with touches of grey and taupe, which is not what the sample indicated. I liked it so much better! Some decisions, especially when they’re big ticket items, need extra attention even when it’s an inconvenience.

The warehouse was a bit dark, so I’m visiting our supplier later this week. I’ll take one last look at it in their workshop, where there’s some natural light before they start cutting it down. I’m crossing my fingers I still love it when it goes in. Eek!

Be sure to pin these quartz countertop options for later!

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See you next week,

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  1. Very, very smart Shauna! The big slabs don’t lie, but the little ones can definitely mislead you. I hope the lighting budget has just gone up for you, and that this is the slab that’s meant to be. Doesn’t it feel great when you can go ‘check’ for step in the process this big? Can’t wait to see more pics – and thank you for sharing these. :)

      1. Hi,
        How did the counter turn out for you? I’m considering the marble-look TCE and wondered how it is holding up.

        1. Hi Sarah, We are very happy with it. So far, it’s held up well. We had one incident where turmeric was left of the surface and it stained a bit. I took baking soda and water and let it sit for a while and, voila, it came out no problem. The colours work perfectly in our kitchen and seem to tie the whole main floor colour scheme together. I would definitely choose it again!

          1. Thanks for the review Shauna!

            I’m glad to hear that it worked out for you. Enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am about to start a kitchen remodel and have picked out a “marble” quartz and was planning on white cabinets. It is so hard to see what the quartz will look like with that small sample, and I have been debating going to see the full slab (it’s 2 hours away) but think I will take your advice and do it to ease my mind.

  3. Hi Shauna!

    I see this post was done a few years ago. I am looking at TCE QUARTZ for my new kitchen. How is it holding up a few years later? Thank you in advance!

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