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Holiday Countdown Planner {Week Two}

Want to be ready in time for Christmas and enjoy the process? Follow my Holiday Countdown Planner with free printables. It’s Week 2!

Happy November everyone! I read something today on Mrs. Hines Class that made me realize, for many of you, Thanksgiving is the holiday you are planning for right now. Being Canadian, we celebrated ours several weeks ago, so Christmas is at the forefront now that Halloween is over.

If I take a look at the plans I have outlined for the full eight weeks of the Holiday Countdown series, I would say most of the Christmas-specific tasks start on week six, after US Thanksgiving. As well, I want you to make these plans work for you, so feel free to shift tasks around or delete them all together. Remember, the point of all of this is to make your holiday season more enjoyable!

Holiday Countdown Planner Series

(Be sure to catch up on what this series is all about and get week one’s plans if you’re just joining us.)

Let’s Get Started

Step One

To get your free Printable Christmas Planner for Week Two, simply click on the image below and it will take you to the pdf which you can save and print.

Holiday Countdown Planner Printable Week Two

Step Two

Once you’ve printed out the planner, read the post Holiday Countdown Series Recap {Week Two} and you’ll know what your homework is for the week.

You can expect to see a post or two next week tracking my own Christmas preparation process. As well, I’ll be sharing updates on Instagram and Facebook (I’d love for you to follow along)!

Participating in the Holiday Countdown this year?

Share what you’ve been up to each week in a blog post (or as many weeks as you wish). Be sure to link back to the corresponding week’s post. Let me know you’re participating and I’ll share your project on social media.

Also, remember to share your photos or updates on social media with the hashtag #satoriholidaycountdown

Or, simply leave a comment each week updating us on what you’ve been up to!

A big shout out to all of you who have shared the Holiday Countdown on social media so far!

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Enjoy your weekend,

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  1. This is such a great series!  And the scope and sequence of each week is so well thought out.  

    You know, I shared a post last week on Fall gardening…where I live the temperatures have just started to cool down and it makes for wonderful gardening weather….but many are already experiencing snow. 

    It’s really hard to know when to hold back or just share….like you I just want readers to use what they can and tuck away my tips for when they need them.  

    All that to say, press on with your series!  It’s a great idea.  

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I wish I lived where temperatures were just starting to cool down. We’re getting a big dump of snow right now- pretty, but I don’t like the cold! On that note, preparing for Christmas seems normal, but I’m sure it’s a bit strange when you haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving and plants are still green! Hope you’ll follow along :)

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