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My Version of the Book Page Wreath

Learn how to make your own beautiful book page wreath with step-by-step instructions. Plus, get the details for even more DIY Christmas wreaths. Time to get crafty!

If you’re on Pinterest, a book page wreath isn’t anything new to you. I’ve been wanting to make one of these after admiring them for more than two years.

When I was invited to participate in a Canadian wreath blog hop (we’ll get to that), I knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally cross it off my Pinterest “Must Make” list. I’m ecstatic with how it turned out, and I’m so glad another year didn’t pass by!

Book Page Wreath with Burlap Ribbon

Before you can make this wreath, you have to be okay with tearing apart a book. I found mine at the thrift shop for $1, so it didn’t bother me at all. I love repurposing old items into something new, especially when the end product turns out better than expected.

DIY Book Page Wreath

To make your own book page wreath, you will need:

  • 18″ styrofoam wreath
  • Book (mine was 6×9 inches and around 200 pages)
  • Pins (I used gold stick pins I had on hand, but any push pin would work- preferably a neutral colour)
  • 4″ Burlap wired ribbon (about 4 feet)
  • Glue gun (optional)

A big thank you to May Arts for supplying the ribbon for our wreath projects.

Note: make sure your book isn’t too old and fragile or it will tear too easily. Mine was fairly new, but looked antique along the outside edge.

Wreath Tutorial

Begin by carefully tearing pages out of your book until you have a generous stack.

Book Page Wreath Supplies

Fold a page slightly in half lengthwise and then crosswise, pinching in the center and bringing it together at the top.

Note: Each one you make will be slightly different, but that’s what will give the wreath dimension. Intentionally make some smaller and some bigger with varying folds.

Book Page Wreath Tutorial

Place a pin through the bottom, making sure you catch all the layers. Note: your fingers may get sore after a while. I used a rubber jar opener to put between my thumb and pin top on the tough ones.

How to Make a Book Page Wreath

Push the pin into the styrofoam wreath, starting in the inside and working your way around.

Book Page Wreath Instructions with Styrofoam Wreath and Folded Book Pages

Add another layer working around the entire circumference. Repeat until you’ve filled the entire wreath.

Book Page Wreath Instructions with Styrofoam Wreath and Folded Book Pages

For an 18″ styrofoam wreath, you will need about six or seven layers. Look for any sparse spots and fill in with folded book pages as needed.

Note: if any pins are popping out, use a dab of hot glue to hold them in.

Wreath Made Using Old Book Pages

For the burlap ribbon at the bottom of the wreath, I created a fringe by removing a few crosswise yarns. This step is optional. (See what I made with leftover burlap ribbon.)

Burlap Ribbon for DIY Book Page Wreath

To fasten it to the wreath, I found the center and pinned it to the underside letting the ends hang down. Next, I used the wire on the sides of the ribbon to create some dimension.

Wreath Made From Book Pages for Christmas

For now, I have it hanging beside our fireplace.

Book Page Wreath Hung Beside Fireplace

In my opinion, the photos don’t do a good job of capturing the texture, colour and undulations of this book page wreath.

DIY Book Page Wreath with Burlap Ribbon

Book Page Wreath Decorating Ideas

I love how this paper wreath brings a bit of texture to any space. In our dining room, it works with a variety of Christmas table settings, including this one that I shared in my white Christmas home tour.

Christmas Dining Room Decorated with Greenery, Pine Cone Candles and DIY Book Page Wreath

Book page wreaths are also very versatile and can be used year-round, not just during the holiday season. It looks so pretty paired with natural winter decor in our living room.

Book Page Wreath, Reupholstered Ottoman and Envelope Pillow Cover

Where would you hang a book page wreath in your home?

Visit the Christmas Project Gallery for even more seasonal decorating ideas, including how to make this twig and pine cone wreath.

Woodland Wreath Made with Gathered Twigs and Pine Cones

I also made mini jingle bell wreaths to decorate the tree.

DIY Jingle Bell Ornaments for Christmas

More DIY Christmas Wreaths

To get even more Holiday wreath inspiration, take a look at these incredible wreaths created by my fellow Canadian bloggers. You’re bound to be inspired!

Canadian Blogger Wreath Hop Collage

Fresh Evergreen Wreath by A Pretty Life In The Suburbs
Ribbon Flower Wreath by Echoes of Laughter
JOY Outdoor Wreath Sign by Fynes Designs
Rustic Cedar Wreath by Suburble
Book Page Wreath by Satori Design for Living
Holiday Feather Wreath by A Swell Place to Dwell
Wooden Spool Christmas Wreath by The DIY Dreamer
Clothespin Wreath by The Sweetest Digs

Spill the beans… What Christmas projects have you had on your “Must Make” list year after year? I can’t be the only one who procrastinates!

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Happy crafting!

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  1. I think you did a great job with this beautiful wreath Shauna :-) I’ve looked at these and I’m always impressed how beautiful they are :-)

    1. I wasn’t sure if my husband would like it because he’s a clean-lined type guy, but he gave me the thumbs up. I think I’ll stick with a fairly neutral decorating scheme this year with a few other vintage-looking pieces.

  2. I love book page wreaths too, and have had making one on my to do list for so long, and every time I see another I want to make one all over again!  Your wreath is just gorgeous!

    1. Some projects get tired looking to me after a while and I eventually drop them, but this one kept tugging at my heart strings. So glad I stuck with it- you should too!

  3. Shauna – I LOVE It! It’s so gorgeous, and could stay on the wall well into Spring!

    I’m pinning this right. this. very. second. 

  4. I LOVE LOVE your wreath. That is how I did my burlap wreath, with squares and the pins. Yours looks great!

  5. I love this wreath! I’m not a huge fan of wreaths but this one looks really cool. If I ever attempt to make a wreath- this will definitely be it!

  6. I’m with you – I’ve always wanted to try this. Truthfully I was put off by how difficult it looked but you’ve made it look easy. I gotta try this!


  7. Shauna, the wreath is delightful. What a great way to repurpose a book. You said that it is already on Pinterest but I so have to add this to my Wreath board and share!

  8. Absolutely love this wreath! I like the way the pages look like they are gray and white due to the angles of their placement. Great look! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your wreath looks gorgeous!  If my pompon wreath becomes too cumbersome I know what I’m doing instead!  :)

  10. Hi there! l love this idea, and your use of pins versus hot glue is very appealing! Less mess. Have you had any trouble with the pins/pages falling out?

    1. Hi Natalie, Not at all. I actually left it hanging in my living room and it still looks as good as the day I made it. They’re quite a bit of work, but so worth it. Just be ready for sore fingers! Good luck!

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