Workspaces That Inspire {Nostalgic Summer}

I was looking for the perfect gift to give to one of my girlfriends back at Christmas and I remembered these cute vintage necklaces made by Renee of Nostalgic Summer. Some of you may recall the Etsy Feature and giveaway I hosted back in November. While gathering info for that particular post, Renee made a real impression on me and I knew she was someone I wanted to keep in touch with. What stood out to me was her kindness, the care and detail she puts into her craft, her love of integrating old and new, and the story she has for each of her unique jewelry pieces.

While I was on summer break, I started thinking about new topics to write about for the blog. I began making a list of all the things that inspire me and I remembered some photos I kept of Renee’s workspace for creating her jewelry. One that stood out in particular to me was her inspiration board. My intention was to eventually share this photo along with other interesting boards I’ve gathered over the months. Instead, the thought went a bit further and led to the idea of starting a new series: Workspaces That Inspire. I think it’s only fitting that Renee’s space is the first I’m sharing with you.

Renee's Inspiring Workspace

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Schoolhouse Condos {A Unique Experience}

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing hooky for the past two weeks enjoying some quality time with family and friends. After experiencing a few crazy months leading into summer, we decided to get away and disconnect from the techie world as much as possible. Of course we’ve watched a bit of the Olympics and I couldn’t help reading a couple of my favorite blogs here and there, but otherwise it’s been low key.

We started our trip at our friends’ cottage in Sandpoint, mostly boating, playing games and relaxing. We then made our way back home, stopping in Fernie for the last leg of our trip.

When deciding what to do over the two weeks, I knew a lot of driving was out of the question if our intent was to arrive home relaxed. Our original thought was to make our way deeper into the US past Sandpoint, but the trek home would be very long. After searching for places to stay, I came across beautiful condos in Fernie that were converted from an old school, called 901 Fernie.


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