Keeping the Winter Blues Out of Your Home


Yesterday, another snow storm hit, and I was so happy I didn't have to leave the house. This winter, we've had more than our fair share of snow, which means cold temperatures and gloomy days- YUCK! To make it even worse, I'm one of those people who's cold most of the time (in the literal sense) and takes forever to warm up. Thankfully, a snow-covered ground eventually leads to intensely sunny days, making it feel like spring is just around the … [Read more...]

Freshen Your Space With Spring Decorating Trends {Guest Post}

Hey There!  My name is Tiffany and my blog is called Living Savvy.  I am an interior designer who loves to share DIY projects and client projects! With spring right around the color I know we are all craving a little freshness in the air and in our homes.  Here are some tips on how to freshen your space just in time for spring! Mixing Metals 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6   For a while I would never be caught dead with … [Read more...]

Styling Your Home With Vacation Keepsakes

Family Vacation Photo Keepsake Book

Last week I showed you some of my favorite projects for displaying vacation mementos and mentioned that I'd be sharing snapshots of some of the travel keepsakes we currently have throughout our home. I'm so glad the weather finally turned around as I was starting to worry whether I'd finally get enough light to take photos. Thankfully the sun came out yesterday! When displaying vacation keepsakes, I always think about how they can become … [Read more...]

Displaying Vacation Mementos

DIY Vacation Photo Keeper

For every family vacation we have taken, we always try to have something tangible in our home that represents the experience. A photograph, shell, rock or other object may seem insignificant, but for us looking at these objects takes us back to the moment. Having these mementos displayed throughout our home tells the story of our adventurous experiences together and the time we fully dedicated to celebrate being a family. Nothing is more … [Read more...]

Styling a Bed

styling a bed- headboard

How was your weekend? We were bombarded with rain, so all outside projects were put on hold until it dries up a bit. However, it did allow me to focus on organizing my office for a while and I'm getting close to having it just the way I want it. Those of you who have been asking about my office closet makeover, I promise you will see the after photos soon. Between our basement renovation, the Outdoor Extravaganza and wrapping up client projects … [Read more...]

Teen Room Refresh {before}

Teen locker before

After going through my son's room with him last weekend (you can read about it here), it left his shelves looking bare in some spots and messy in others, making a few required changes apparent. Although we designed his room with longevity in mind, it has been over four years since we've made any noteworthy changes (except for bedding, a new lamp and the small stuff that has crept in). He has always been a huge sports fan and, although I wouldn't … [Read more...]