Vintage Tiered Cake Stands

Last weekend, I was invited to a sneak peek event at a new home decor shop that specializes in vintage, collectibles and shabby chic. These types of shops tend to be my favorite because you never know what you’re going to find, and they’re different every time you go back. As some of you already know, I stopped buying anything I don’t have a dedicated purpose for a couple years ago (even if it’s a great deal). It does take a bit of the fun out of vintage decor shopping, but not having to deal with cluttered storage rooms later is worth it (not to mention the money I no longer waste)!

After exercising a lot of restraint, I left the shop at the end of the evening with one antique silver tiered cake stand. At just over $20, I think it was a steal since, from what I can tell, most sell for more than $50 on Etsy.

Ideas for Using Vintage Tiered Cake Stands | Satori Design for Living

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I’ve always loved the way these tiered plates look, and I’m not worried about what to do with mine because they’re so versatile. Take a look and see what I’m talking about…

Of course, one of the more popular ways to use any tiered cake stand is for cupcakes or treats.

2 Tier cake stand- Jolly Good Wedding


Tiered Cake Stand- The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co


Vintage Tiered Cake Stands- Vintage Dorset

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One Room Challenge Office Makeover {Week Two}

Wow, did this week ever fly by! As mentioned last week, I accepted Calling it Home’s challenge to transform my home office over the timeframe of six weeks. This week I focused on sourcing a few items (you’ll see these in the coming weeks), as well as organizing my desk drawers. Considering the easiness of this project, I wish I had done it months ago. Let’s just say I’m a little giddy over it!

Office Makeover- Easy Organized Desk Drawers- Satori Design for Living

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I’m embarrassed to show you how messy I let my desk drawers get over time, but here goes! After emptying them out, I quickly realized that most of the stuff didn’t need to be there in the first place, as often is the case. A purge was definitely in order!


Office Desk Top Drawer- Before


Bottom Desk Drawer- Before
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A Functional Laundry Room + More Showhome Highlights

How was your weekend? It rained on and off around here and, after running some errands and doing some chores around the house, we decided to check out some showhomes. With the plan to build a new house within the next two to three years, we’re always on the lookout for clever design, decorating and organizing ideas. Sometimes it takes going through several homes to come across anything I truly love, but this time we were fortunate to find a few elements to add to our wish list.

The first home we visited was a $2 million hospital lottery home. Much larger than we would ever want, it had a few take-away ideas like a gorgeous master ensuite with separate his and hers vanities, a butler’s pantry just off the kitchen and dining room, as well as over-scaled light fixtures atop the kitchen island.


Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Master Ensuite


Calgary Hospital Home Lottery Butler's Pantry
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Dorm Room Storage and Decor {For Him}

Over the weekend we helped move my son into his residence at college. It’s not that I was trying to block this day out of my mind (well maybe I was), but summer went by way too quickly, and I definitely wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been. Boys tend to be procrastinators when it comes to this sort of thing. Somehow duvet covers, hand towels, laundry baskets and lamps aren’t really on their minds when they’re on break. I, on the other hand, remember having a decorating and organizing scheme pulled together for my first apartment at least a week before leaving for college. It was something I loved doing, and I guess that’s why my son tends to defer to me when it comes to these sorts of things.

For his first year, he opted to live on campus in a two story condo style residence shared with three others. They each have a bedroom, along with two half baths, a separate shower room, kitchen, dining area, living room, and an unfinished basement. Although it’s small, he definitely has more space than many first year students. To personalize his bedroom, we brought a few essentials from home, but also found a few new stylish and clever dorm room storage and decor pieces to kick off this exciting chapter in his life.

Dorm Room Storage and Decor for Him

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Closet Organizer, iPhone Clock Radio, Brooklyn Bridge Art, Bathroom Caddy, Door Hooks, Task Lamp, Hand Towel, Coffee Maker, Laundry Hamper

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Our Backyard Updates

How is your summer going? We had a busy week of graduation celebrations around here and everything is finally cleaned up and back to normal after our BBQ bash on Saturday. The plan was to have most of the party outside, but the weather forecast wasn’t looking so good leading up to the big day. On Friday we decided to prepare for the worst and cleaned up the garage and made it as party ready as possible. It was a good call since Saturday brought everything from sunshine to strong wind to heavy rain and hail. Not the best conditions for a party! Nonetheless, everyone had a great time and that’s really what’s important.

Prior to the graduation party, we worked really hard to finish up projects around our yard. It’s amazing how the thought of fifty people coming to your house can motivate you to get things done. If you’re finding yourself dragging your feet on home projects, plan a party and I guarantee you’ll have a little more pep in your step. I thought I’d share some of our most recent backyard updates.


Backyard Updates- Cordovan Brown Stained Deck with Wicker Lounge Chairs


One of the first projects we tackled was re-staining the deck. Although I liked the look of a darker stain, the product we used the first deck staining go-around had a bit of a red undertone. I wanted more of an espresso look, but achieving it with a semi-transparent was pretty much impossible. As well, there were certain parts of the deck that had worn down to the bare wood from our dog coming in and out, as well as regular wear and tear from the winter. It was looking pretty rough.

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