Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape

Easter is just around the corner, and I thought it would be fun to create a new tablescape for our family gathering. After this long harsh winter, nothing makes me happier than seeing the freshness and vibrancy of green mixed with natural elements of Spring. This year’s table is all about embracing simplicity.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots

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Putting a tablescape together for Easter can be cheap and cheerful. I always like to mix the old with the new in any decorating project to make it interesting and budget-friendly. It’s all about layering and using materials with different textures and tones.

I started with a basic runner that I created out of a piece of cotton canvas. Tearing the edges and putting it through the washer and dryer was all it took to get the natural feel I was going for.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots and Tulips


I set the table with my existing dishes and flatware, and layered some new yellow and white striped linen napkins that I wrapped in a bee-printed cotton ribbon from May Arts.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots


I topped the napkins with simple peat pots that I filled with organic wheat grass I picked up at the grocery store. I  embellished the pots with jute string and a flag I printed out and attached to a chopstick. Here’s where you could mix it up a bit and use them as place cards instead. I plan on sending these Easter peat pots home with everyone as a small gift.

Easter Peat Pot Supplies


Here’s the Easter printable I created in a soft mint color. Simply click the image to get the PDF (or go here), print on cardstock, cut out, fold in half and glue to a chopstick, skewer or popsicle stick.

Printable Labels for Easter Peat Pots

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Vintage Tiered Cake Stands

Last weekend, I was invited to a sneak peek event at a new home decor shop that specializes in vintage, collectibles and shabby chic. These types of shops tend to be my favorite because you never know what you’re going to find, and they’re different every time you go back. As some of you already know, I stopped buying anything I don’t have a dedicated purpose for a couple years ago (even if it’s a great deal). It does take a bit of the fun out of vintage decor shopping, but not having to deal with cluttered storage rooms later is worth it (not to mention the money I no longer waste)!

After exercising a lot of restraint, I left the shop at the end of the evening with one antique silver tiered cake stand. At just over $20, I think it was a steal since, from what I can tell, most sell for more than $50 on Etsy.

Ideas for Using Vintage Tiered Cake Stands | Satori Design for Living

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I’ve always loved the way these tiered plates look, and I’m not worried about what to do with mine because they’re so versatile. Take a look and see what I’m talking about…

Of course, one of the more popular ways to use any tiered cake stand is for cupcakes or treats.

2 Tier cake stand- Jolly Good Wedding


Tiered Cake Stand- The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co


Vintage Tiered Cake Stands- Vintage Dorset

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Decorating the Christmas Tree {Our House}

Well, Christmas is one week from today. My son returns home from college tomorrow, and I’m thrilled to spend some much-needed quality time as a whole family! As promised, today I’m sharing a look at our Christmas tree and how I wrapped up all the gifts.


Decorating the Christmas Tree 2013

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It’s definitely a departure from the light, bright and simple Christmas decorating scheme I tend to go with. But, after Pottery Barn sent me a box of mostly red ornaments, I was inspired to change things up a bit.


Red, Silver and White Christmas Tree | Satori Design for Living


At the end of the past few Christmas seasons (when everything is drastically marked down), I’ve added to my basic collection of silver, white, and smoky colored ornaments and filler. These will always be my foundational pieces for decorating the christmas tree. Now it’s easy and inexpensive to add other colors from year to year with a few simple ornaments and/or ribbon.

Last year, I added two boxes of glass turquoise ornaments for less than $10 and the tree looked so different.

Silver, White and Turquoise Christmas Tree

This time I decided to add the Pottery Barn red ornaments, some red plaid ribbon (70% off at Michaels) and some repurposed berries I had stashed away from years ago. Decorating the Christmas tree this season cost me  just over $3. I’d say not too shabby!


Red, Silver and White Christmas Tree with photo ornaments | Satori Design for Living

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Holiday Countdown Planner {Week Eight}

As we all know, Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it’s December 13th already? I think we could all use a little more time right now to get our shopping, baking, decorating and everything else done before Christmas (and, perhaps, have some fun in there, too)! Are you feeling good about things right now or is a sense of panic setting in? I say, don’t fret. It all seems to come together in the end, doesn’t it?


Holiday Countdown Series 2013- weekly plans and free printables to keep you on track.

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If you joined the Holiday Countdown back on week one, I’m sure you’re sitting pretty good (if you’ve missed any weeks or you’re just joining us, you can get the full holiday countdown planner here).

I’m a little behind on my gift shopping, but I’m hoping to take care of that this weekend. I also plan on finishing up the last of the decorating, which I’ll be showing you next week. Here’s a sneak peek of this year’s tree for now. I still have some ribbon and other ornaments to add (hopefully today).


2013 Christmas Tree in Progress


Surprised to see the red? Well, when Pottery Barn sent me the box of Christmas ornaments, it inspired me to add red to this year’s scheme. Did you see the hot chocolate bar I put together using the ornaments too? So yummy and so much fun!


Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station_2


Let’s see what’s up for this coming week, shall we?

To get your free Printable Planner for Week Eight, simply click on the image below and the pdf will automatically download (or you can right click and save).


Holiday Countdown Planner Printable Week 8 | Satori Design for Living

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Holiday Countdown Planner {Week Seven}

We had a major snowstorm this week and, although it looks Christmasy outside, I’m not loving all the shoveling I’m having to do! I was working up the courage to bundle up and head out into the chilly weather the other night (we’re talking -27C) when I heard my neighbor using his snowblower on our driveway. I must make some extra cookies and take them over- bless his heart! I think my husband will be in for a shock when he arrives home later this weekend to see the winter wonderland we have going on (he always knows the perfect time to go away on business)!

Needless to say, I didn’t get our front porch decorated yet. The tree is up, but I want to add a few more ornaments before I show it to you. If you’re just joining this year’s Holiday Countdown, you can catch up on all the details here.


Holiday Countdown Planner Series 2013- weekly plans and free printables to keep you on track.

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Let’s find out what’s up for this week…

To get your free Printable Planner for Week Seven, simply click on the image below and the pdf will automatically download (or you can right click and save).


Holiday Countdown Planner Printable Week 7 | Satori Design for Living

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