Client Bedroom Design for Small Space Living

I recently completed a bedroom design plan for a young couple living in the city. As often is the case with condos, this space was tight and had bulkheads, columns and heating vents running all over. Storage was also a major concern. After meeting with Tanja and seeing the space, I could see why she was having difficulty putting a furniture and decorating plan together given all of the challenges.

These are a few of the requirements she gave me:

  • Neutral scheme with some pops of bold color
  • Serene, somewhat modern, with a nod to vintage
  • Considerations for resale within the next few years
  • Budget-friendly

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White, Blue and Coral Bedroom Design

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Case Study: Fall Inspired Family Room

The Clients

After meeting with my clients to discuss their family room and check out the room’s specifications, I knew this plan was going to require some careful consideration. The family had already ordered a sectional from Restoration Hardware (a big ticket item) and wanted to use the side board they inherited from a grandparent in some way or another. I had previously created a plan for Phoebe’s home office, so I had a pretty good sense of her design style. Although I was given a significant budget to work with, this room had to incorporate the whole family and a lofty wish list. I knew it would be somewhat of a challenge.

These are a few of the requirements they gave me:

  • Kid-friendly materials
  • Warm and cozy atmosphere
  • Multi- functional for gaming, TV watching, reading and other family activities
  • Comfortably seat 4 with room for more
  • Ample storage
  • Classic, yet color-infused

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