Lake House Window Treatments {Reader Question}

A couple of weeks ago, I opened up the Satori Facebook page for another round of reader questions. I’m always curious to see what decorating dilemmas are on your mind. As usual, I won’t be able to answer all of the questions today, but I will try my best to address the issues you brought up in upcoming blog posts. Today, I’m focusing on lake house window treatments (a problem most of us wish we had!).

Window Treatment Help!

Hi Shauna, I enjoy getting your newsletter update. Can I ask a quick question? We are moving ahead with our lake house and I’m thinking about window coverings. I’m wondering if there are any basic rules to consider when approaching this. I have a lot of windows that face the lake and would like to leave open with no covering, yet worry about the sun and UV as these windows face south-west. My bedroom windows need coverings, but I’m struggling with color as they need to block light.
Are there rules around things like choosing to have coverings blend in, match paint color or stand out and make a statement?

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks, Holly


As far as window treatments go, it’s difficult to select something specific without seeing the rooms, windows and view. In general, I like to keep coverings simple when there’s a beautiful view, such as a lake and its surroundings.

Currently, I’m doing Hunter Douglas roller shades in a country home that has a mountain view. The benefit is you can roll them right up out of the way, but they provide light filtering or blackout (depending on the fabric opacity or lining) when needed during the heat of the day or night time. I like that you can still see through some of the sheer options when they’re down, but they protect your furniture from UV rays that tend to fade furniture, area rugs and other room elements.

For a lake house, something like this is perfect:

Lake House Window Treatments- Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

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Front Door Paint Colors and Adding Curb Appeal {Reader Question}

It’s Friday! Let’s get to another reader question from Satori’s Facebook page, shall we? Although our weather has dipped down again today (please, please let this be the end!), it’s time to start talking about freshening our exteriors with outdoor paint and adding more curb appeal. I received photos of two different houses with two very different looks asking many of the same design questions. Today I’m starting with Nicole’s two-story suburban home.

Desperately Need Curb Appeal!

Hello Shauna! I have a major design block. One of the things we want to work on this year is our (lack of) curb appeal. Specifically at the front door. We may buy a new one, we may just paint this one out, but…I cannot for the life of me pick out a color that works. It’s south facing, direct sun all day long. The door already gets incredibly hot so we don’t think black or super dark would be great. Plus fading issues?

I printed out a few pics of the house and cut out the front door. We stuck hundreds of paint chips behind it trying to see what would work. I really don’t want to match the trim color as that seems to be what everyone else in our neighborhood has done. Boring! So far the leading choice is in the purple family, but my hubby isn’t thrilled with it.

We would also like to add window boxes or jazz up the front garden. Any and all suggestions would be incredibly welcome!!

Huge fan, Nicole (Scrap Me Baby)


After emailing Nicole for a bit more information, I found out her style is fairly classic, but she isn’t afraid of color. Landscaping is very selective, with only one purple-toned tree in the front yard. Here are the photos she sent me (she reassures me the siding is cream, not light grey as it appears on my screen).


Reader Design Question- How do I add curb appeal?

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Small Laundry Room Ideas {Reader Question}

It’s time for another reader question from Satori’s Facebook page, and this time it’s all about small laundry room organization. I admit Heather’s subject line “Please Help My Laundry Room!” immediately caught my attention. It’s one of my favorite rooms to organize and make pretty, and needless to say, I jumped at this chance.

Please Help My Laundry Room!

Hello Shauna, I hope this question is getting to you on time. I have a fairly small laundry room in our basement that is quite dark and not very welcoming. I sort clothes in piles on the floor when I’m doing the laundry, but they get all mixed up and I often have to redo it. I don’t have room for several laundry baskets on the floor and I’m not sure what else to do. The other problem I have is lack of storage for laundry supplies and I don’t have anywhere to fold clothes. We recently purchased a front load washer and dryer, but that’s as far as we got. Any suggestions to make our laundry room function and look better would be awesome!

Thank you, Heather


To give you an idea of Heather’s laundry room, it has a single bulb in the center of the ceiling as the only source of light (except for one small basement window), there are no storage cabinets or shelving, and the current paint color is a medium-toned tan. The flooring is beige linoleum that is in good condition, but looks dated (she doesn’t want to replace it at this time). These are the gorgeous LG washer and dryer they recently splurged on.


LG Washer and Dryer

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Bang for Your Buck Kitchen Updates {Reader Question}

Last week I opened up the Satori Facebook wall to reader questions and was pleasantly surprised at how many were posted or sent in. Unfortunately I won’t be able to answer all of the questions today, but I will try my best to address each topic in upcoming blog posts.

Satori Design for Living on Facebook

To kick things off, I’m starting with the first question sent in by Amber.


Need Kitchen Help!

Shauna, I’m crossing my fingers you choose my question to answer as I’m really stuck on what to do. We recently bought our first house in Calgary and our kitchen desperately needs a makeover. It’s currently stuck in an 80′s time warp with its dark wood cabinets and fluorescent lighting. Eventually we want to do a complete overhaul, but need to save up for a year or two before that happens. We’d appreciate any recommendations to make our kitchen look a little better spending no more than $500. I just cannot fathom living with how it is right now for much longer.

Thank you, Amber


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Designer Challenge: Which Outdoor Seating? {Reader Edition}

If you remember about a month ago, with the suggestion of one of my readers, I opened up the Designer Challenge to Satori Readers. Fortunately, Olioboard wanted to join in and offered to award our top three picks a 6-month upgrade to their Pro version. How fun!

Readers were given three outdoor seating options, including the Catalina Lounge Chair, Geometric Pouf and Nantucket Chair. They were asked to create a mood board using one of them.

To help select the top three mood board entries, I enlisted the help of two past Designer Challenge participants, Nancy from Marcus Design and Jackie from Teal and Lime. I just love these outdoor spaces sent in by Sheila, Shantelle and Tiffany!

Mood Board 1: Tiffany’s Moroccan Lounge

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