I Heart Kate Spade + Things We Love Giveaway

While in California last week (and whenever else I can), I visited one of my favorite designer shops, Kate Spade New York. Kate’s style can be described as bold, colorful, and geometric, being predominantly known for her her signature green and love of polka dots. Kate’s career may have kicked off with handbags, but she’s branched out into jewelry, clothing, stationery, home decor and more. Oh yes!


Last time I was in California, I picked up a gorgeous blue-green wallet and I’ve been wanting a fun new handbag ever since. It’s so hard to make a choice, especially since I know I won’t be back for a while (we don’t have a store in western Canada and shipping/duty costs from the US can be exorbitant). Eventually, after much pondering, I decided on a green leather shoulder bag (similar to this one below). And even better yet, I got it on sale!


Kate Spade Fresh Air Wallet

Kate Spade Green Handbag
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Shabby Chic Couture in Santa Monica

Hello everyone! Yesterday I returned from an extended weekend getaway to California’s Pacific Coast. It’s a trip we take at least once a year that coincides with my husband’s travel requirements for work. You can read about last year’s adventure here. This time we decided to spend a night in Santa Monica and head over to Long Beach for a few days. The weather was fantastic, but the head cold that took my voice and a lot of my energy was terrible timing. However, it didn’t stop me from site-seeing, taking in some good eats, a little rest and relaxation poolside, and, of course, shopping!
Pacific Coast Highway California
Although I’ve been to Santa Monica a couple times before, I’ve never had the opportunity to do any shopping. This time I had at least one destination store on my list, and all I had to do was entice my boys with a little lunch (works every time!).
Lunch at Rosti Tuscan Chicken


For those of you who are interior decorating enthusiasts, you’re probably familiar with Rachel Ashwell and her distinct shabby chic style. I became a huge fan back in the 90′s, and I love how she’s continually updated the style to keep it looking fresh.




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Getting to Know Charlie Ford Vintage

Most of you know I love to check out vintage stores and thrift shops whenever I can, so when one of my friends told me about Jillian Harris’ latest venture, Charlie Ford, I knew it would pull at my heart strings. If you don’t recall, Jillian was on both “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” as well as “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” Most recently, her witty and fun-loving personality, not to mention great sense of style, can be seen on “Love it or List It Vancouver.”

Charlie Ford Vintage


Charlie Ford, created by Jillian, along with her cousin Tori Wesszer, and friend Alyssa Dennis, is an online shop that was born out of the idea of curating one-of-a-kind vintage finds, a passion shared by all three women from a very young age.

The Ladies of Charlie Ford Vintage



Named after Tori’s son, Charlie Ford is a unique concept in that items are one-of-a kind. If you fall in love with something, it’s best to act fast because when it’s sold, it’s gone for good (no diddle-daddling around!). New items are listed on Monday and theme sales launch every Thursday, with the current one being Vintage Weddings.

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Method Soap for a Cause + Cute Pet Contest

I’m one for trying something new and changing it up, but sometimes I like to stick with what I know. Several years ago, after complaining about the harsh fumes of cleaning products, a health-conscious friend of mine gave me a bottle of Method all-purpose cleaner, and I’ve never looked back. To this day, I still love the fresh lavender scent and the fact that I don’t have to hang my head out the window gasping for air or blow my nose over and over as I clean the bathroom. I also like how easy it rinses clean without any streaks (unlike so many other natural cleaning products). The fact that it isn’t having a negative impact on the planet as it washes down the drain gives me peace of mind. For these reasons, Method products are on my “stick with what you already know and love” list.

Method- People Against Dirty

What I didn’t know about Method is that their products are pet and animal friendly. The company performs absolutely no animal testing on any of their products and does not endorse, request or commission any animal testing on their behalf. They’re even CCIC Leaping Bunny Program approved. They also don’t put any animal by-products in their products. That’s dirty. They use innovations like renewable plant-based formulas which are 100% gross-stuff-free. Method’s entire product line is safe for use around pets, specially formulated to put the hurt on dirt without harming a hair on you or your pets’ head.

Sounds really good to me… and her!


Although I’ve talked about our family dog Reegan from time to time, I’ve never shared a picture of her or told you how big a role she’s played in our family. After fertility issues meant our son would be an only child, we decided getting a dog would be a good idea, as he truly loved animals. At first we joked about her being his sister, and my parents even called her their grand-dogger. What we didn’t realize is how much she would truly become part of the family, enriching our lives and bringing joy and laughter (and a lot of barking and nuisance!) to our household.


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Blue and White Bedding {Friday’s Fab Find}

Big plans for the weekend? I’m going to be breaking out the golf clubs for the first time this year and hopefully I’ll also be finishing off the planting and other outdoor projects I started before all the rain. I’m one for green and lush, but this is getting ridiculous. Time for sunshine!

Yesterday, I was out sourcing for two client projects I’m currently working on and came across some beautiful blue and white bedding. As you know, blue and white decorating is one of my favorite palettes, especially for summer spaces. I’ve had my eye on a few bedding pieces from Serena and Lily for a while now, but didn’t exactly love the price tag with decorative pillows starting around $88 and $210 for sheets.


Serena and Lily Blue and White Bedding


Fortunately, I decided to take a walk through Sears and spotted their Eastern Philosophy blue and white bedding for much less, starting at around $30 for decorative pillows and $100 for sheets.


Sears Eastern Philosophy Blue and White Bedding

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