Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape

Easter is just around the corner, and I thought it would be fun to create a new tablescape for our family gathering. After this long harsh winter, nothing makes me happier than seeing the freshness and vibrancy of green mixed with natural elements of Spring. This year’s table is all about embracing simplicity.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots

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Putting a tablescape together for Easter can be cheap and cheerful. I always like to mix the old with the new in any decorating project to make it interesting and budget-friendly. It’s all about layering and using materials with different textures and tones.

I started with a basic runner that I created out of a piece of cotton canvas. Tearing the edges and putting it through the washer and dryer was all it took to get the natural feel I was going for.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots and Tulips


I set the table with my existing dishes and flatware, and layered some new yellow and white striped linen napkins that I wrapped in a bee-printed cotton ribbon from May Arts.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots


I topped the napkins with simple peat pots that I filled with organic wheat grass I picked up at the grocery store. I  embellished the pots with jute string and a flag I printed out and attached to a chopstick. Here’s where you could mix it up a bit and use them as place cards instead. I plan on sending these Easter peat pots home with everyone as a small gift.

Easter Peat Pot Supplies


Here’s the Easter printable I created in a soft mint color. Simply click the image to get the PDF (or go here), print on cardstock, cut out, fold in half and glue to a chopstick, skewer or popsicle stick.

Printable Labels for Easter Peat Pots

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Early Spring Gardening: Starting Seeds Indoors

Happy first day of Spring! Have you started thinking about gardening yet? We’re still getting snow around here (in fact there’s a blizzard going on right now), so digging around in the dirt and outdoor planting won’t happen for a while. But, I have started the process of planting seeds indoors.
Starting Seeds Indoors

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A couple of weeks ago, I was at the dollar store and came across a pack of tiny peat pots. Organic produce has become very important to us, especially in the past couple of years, and I thought I’d try growing some of our own this season. In the past, I have tried starting some seeds indoors. Some turned out, while others were a flop. After doing some research, I’m hoping the changes I made this time around will lead to success.

So far, I’ve sowed two types of basil, chives, spinach, lettuce and rosemary in organic potting mix. I plan on showing you progress updates over the next few weeks (hopefully all good!).

If you’re looking for tips for starting your own seeds indoors, I recommend checking out Starting Seeds Indoors by Organic Gardening. It goes into detail about which containers to use, the best potting mix for starting seeds, sowing, and more.
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Keeping the Winter Blues Out of Your Home

Yesterday, another snow storm hit, and I was so happy I didn’t have to leave the house. This winter, we’ve had more than our fair share of snow, which means cold temperatures and gloomy days- YUCK! To make it even worse, I’m one of those people who’s cold most of the time (in the literal sense) and takes forever to warm up. Thankfully, a snow-covered ground eventually leads to intensely sunny days, making it feel like spring is just around the corner (cue happy dance!). For those other dreary days, when the “winter blues” are most likely to set in, I have my own personal bag of tricks to ensure they never have a chance…


Starting in January, I treat myself to potted bulbs and other small plants in bright colors to place around the house. Usually, I pick these up at the grocery store since they only cost a few dollars each, but last for several weeks. Most times, I simply plop the unattractive plastic pot in a ceramic one and top with a bit of moss. Easy peasy!

Purple Hyacinth

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When I’m ahead of the game, I start several pots of indoor bulbs early in the year so I can enjoy a bit of color and green up until the weather turns warm.


For Christmas, my husband bought me an ultrasonic nebulizer from Saje. It’s a heat-free essential oil diffuser that purifies the air and releases moisture. Basically, it makes the air better to breathe and gives off an amazing aroma.


So far, my favorite diffuser blend is Liquid Sunshine which smells citrus-y and reminds me of chewable vitamin C. It’s part of the “Happiness” collection, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m drawn to that particular scent at the moment.

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My Lavender Garden…Oh the Possibilities!

My lavender garden may not be like the amazing fields of Provence, but it has definitely grown from the tiny plant I started with a few years ago. I have always been drawn to the beautiful color and aroma of this herb, and I fell in love with it even more when I found out just how calming it could be.

Lavender Garden


Up until this summer, I’ve only clipped a handful of lavender sprigs here and there to fill a small vase or two for the bathroom or my bedside table. However, as more blooms than ever began to emerge in the last month, I decided to experiment with some of the other ways to use this herb, and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

When I stumbled upon this lavender lemonade recipe on Eat Yourself Skinny, I knew it was something I had to try. It’s not only pretty to look at with the sliced lemon, but tastes refreshing and delicious too (even with a bit of vodka)!


Lavender Lemonade Recipe
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What I’ve Learned About Caring for Outdoor Succulents

While I was at a local garden center back in May, I was drawn to the section of tiny succulent plants and couldn’t leave without picking up a bunch. At first I shoved all nine in a wooden crate for my outdoor brunch tablescape, but it didn’t take long for the plants to outgrow their temporary living quarters. Eventually I was able to find the perfect pot to transfer them into, and I’m happy to report they’re thriving in their new home located on our front porch.


Caring for Outdoor Succulents


I find succulents to be one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, but there are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to make sure they stay happy and healthy outside as well. I’m definitely no expert in succulents (or any plant for that matter), but so far I must be doing something right since these cutey-patootie plants are alive and well.


Caring for Outdoor Succulents

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